Thai Soccer Team Found In Cave, But Rescue Could Take Months | NBC Nightly News

tonight 24 hours after that miraculous discovery condition the huge challenge getting them out one option starting a rescue now oxygen tanks have now been placed along the exit route but none of the boys knows how to swim so they’re scrambling to teach them diving skills navigate that are tricky even for experienced divers to rescue divers would be assigned to help each boy on a dangerous 2 and 1/2 mile trip at some points too narrow to wear Scuba gear other Parts needing a steep dive blinds in order to be able to get in and get out the group appearance in there now getting high protein liquid food that’s easily digestible is there to only four people can be in the cave with the boys to ensure there is enough air to breathe tonight the British diving group that discovered the soccer team is warning irescue now is risky especially if the kids pan straight talk about teaching them to dive and then do it that’s a bit of a long shot to be on this and sending them supplies until the waters receive authorities have been trying for days step up the flood water out and there’s more rain in the forecast meaning it could be weeks even months before there safely out so the boys can talk to their families are trying to reassure the boys 10000 people are doing everything they can to get them home describe what the mood is like right there he’s into the cave so they can pull them out for the families this is now a different sort of vigil and four people everywhere will they remain captivated by these boys their coach and this incredible turn of events how are YouTube channel subscribe I clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
After finding the Thai soccer team and its coach on Monday, rescuers are trying to get them out, but a heavy rain forecast is working against them.
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Thai Soccer Team Found In Cave, But Rescue Could Take Months | NBC Nightly News

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