Thai soccer team facing a number of medical issues

Thai Navy Seals stay all 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in Northern Thailand are healthy and being looked at by Medics a doctor and a nurse or now with them and they took shelter and not getting them out is going to be tough military team of about 30 Specialists is now there to assist with other folks from around the world working on this Rescue Mission Medical contributor dr. Mark Siegel joins us now dr. great to have you with the physical and what they’re facing now off of the stalactites in the cave and they huddle together you talk about psychologically they shared strength and and they shared one and they were very careful to get their nutrition that way it’s a miracle they made it nine days now the question is how they’re going to survive well they’ve had water brought in and had food brought in they’ve had mineral gel electrolyte gels high calorie content brought in they’re going to get nourish they had wasting but they’re going to get nourish now and they’re going to be hydrated as long as they don’t contaminate that water which is a key problem is how are they going to get them out because they’re very worried right now the divers are about the monsoon season that they could see a lot more rain and they may have to try a very heroic rescue with 12 kids 11 to 16 years old to aren’t even swim for the most part you’re talking about a mile-and-a-half to the outside of that came through some very narrow stretches we came and gets it will take then one good thing I’m hearing is that you’re going to have phone lines in their where they’re going to get the opportunity to speak to their parents who hopefully we’ll share courage not fear is fear spreads in a situation like this at this point I say teaching them actually how to dive to some extent of kids you don’t even swim to go through these scary narrow passages in murky water possibly Drilling in and are evacuating them out they say that that’s probably not going to be feasible I’m sending a supplies and waiting until this 10 of the monsoons in flooding is over they said that could be till October my jaw dropped when I heard that I mean how in the world do you say mentally tough not panic if one can panics how do you keep the other we’re going to have to teach you how to dive it’s going to be okay we’ll get you out but psychologically not knowing win is the key thing there you know you don’t have a date you don’t have something to look forward to you don’t know what the light of the end of the tunnel is stretch on interminably and I think is very difficult fear being contagious anxiety being contagious and they would have to get a lot of help from counselors there from people on the outside and from their parents especially I think from what I’m reading now the most likely thing is they’re going to try to get them out now but they got a beast and then they really have to have experts are you Got7 Navy Seals there and I’m talking about the Thai Navy of course but you have top expert drivers to flew in from Great Britain I think if anybody can pull this off they’ll pull this off they’re going to have to teach them quickly my prediction is they’re going to try to get them out over the next week or two as well thank you for Lending us your expertise controlling which down here thank you dr.
Experts say rescue of a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave could take months. Dr. Marc Siegel weighs in on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

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