Thai rescue mission a success, cave now clear

it began as soon as the last of the team reached the mouth of the cave that they Faithfully answered 18 days ago and celebrations went into the night to hear the news I’ve been glued to every detail among those quietly watching and finally unwinding over a hot meal accrue who is bent days pumping water out of the cape it’s pretty much sums up how everyone is feeling and very happy that the children are all that one man says and I’m very proud to play a small part in the success the final four boys in their coach made it out and we’re on the way to the hospital in less than 10 hours after the rest began the Thai Navy Seals who had been with the team in the chamber followed shortly after but even with the Jubilation never far from my mind was Sergeant sending goonan the former Thai Navy SEAL who died after running out of oxygen as for the team after spending so long cramp together on a dry slap of rock the reunited again they’re all on the same floor of the hospital with her in isolation for the time being the same school in Mesa by a small community that borders me and Mark and lies just a few kilometers from the K 15 year old I think everyone will like welcome them back with the love included me because even for those who knew before a deep personal connection to them dandanakka me the clips of Chiang Rai not the kids of Thailand but they have become the world’s kids for the past 10 days in Eupora has worked is about 20 or helping to translate and she’s now overcome with emotion apparently scute and the team will keep rallying around did the boys in the hospital and more will soon but there can’t be any kind of physical contact no hugging or anything like that because their concerns over infection it’s believed that two of the boys are suffering from mild pneumonia as for the group that left the cave first there said doing well and have their appetite back they’re eating solid food but nothing too spicy and the entire group has to wear a type of sunglasses to protect your eyes from any harsh light because after all they’ve been underground in the dark for so long what’s going to happen with the cave itself in the entrance putting up more lights enough and they’re also talking about turning the cave into an international tourist destination they seen just how people around the world have been gripped by the dramatic rescue and their bedding that quite a few people might want to visit the case and only a select few can describe what it was really like in those caves and what those boys have to go through they are getting forced to do something that it is not in any way normal for kids to cave diving in the age 11 and thinking about that first 2 days of the rescue he was stationed near a difficult stretch of the cave about halfway along the Route helping to replace oxygen tanks and help guide people through the cold water more than 128 million liters of water they seem remarkably strong given the ordeal
The Thailand rescue mission has been successful, as the cave is now clear. Four Thai Navy SEALs who had been with the team since their discovery were the last to emerge — the 12 boys and their coach are now recovering in hospital.

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