Thai cave rescue: Canadian member of rescue team recounts mission to save boys and coach

and we have a special guest for you now I have talked so often and these recent days about the international nature of the rescue team that save the soccer players and their coach culminating yesterday at the end of that rescue mission and we didn’t know until things became very clear that there was a Canadian as part of that rescue mission and he’s on the phone with me right now his name is Eric Brown and he is in Thailand Eric good morning to you you’re on News Network into Canada very candy heard from you today I can tell you good morning and congratulations help us understand exactly Erik what your role was in this have been recorded in order to you involved Sunday Monday and Tuesday in all three days in all three days so you were and then you were you’re in that team that took the break and regain your strength and then went back in admission is about 10 hours until we get to the cave hike in and then 6444 main drivers to doctors and locations video that the Thai Navy Seals have just put up in their Facebook so it’s helping us understand a little bit about the conditions that you were involved in and in what you were working I mean I don’t even know the word other than it is just extraordinary can characterize how difficult it was for you and you really can’t see your hand upon your faces when they say zero visibility Garmin Nuvi away through these Sanchez changed in the water was coming and it was too far to drill so you had to do this to get the boys out I mean were you always confident that you’ll be able to carry this off or where there any questions in your mind as you embarked on this I mean it was like that when I arrived here in the first time and saw the 25 minutes underwater swim navigation and there you were at the end okay so you’ve gone through all of it and at the end of the gang they brought them out it did work I mean what are your thoughts now that you were able to carry this off I’m going to keep coming out support to do this but it was a success despite this incredible situation in front of you you’re on your own now and can we help you but you know you have you have the US military there who are supporting the time you brought in probably around 6 the best driver in the world from UK who are also exchanging I’ve seen pictures of the boys in hospital and they all look to be doing well but as we look at this video now as I’m speaking to you Eric I think we have a different view now on the condition of the boys as they were being brought up we learned yesterday that they had some sort of sedation but it looks to me in this video that they were really on the stretcher pretty much immobile can you tell me about the condition how the boys were as you were bringing them out they’ll help with indoor of the area so you know what green stretcher and then wrapped in foil it looks to me like it could be pretty close to the cave entrance I don’t know exactly where this is an inmate in the book at the course of the rescue the tunnels in the case but diverse with a carrying the boys out as a as a breeze from the same tag and Tethered to the divers were escorting them and I just want to just order the logistics of how you actually did remove the boys not too far off to be honest so you don’t have to be in charge of you know how they can navigate it to you at all times but were you able to communicate with sessions you had because it was happening I’ve been listening to a news conference today where the governor of the province in the the main Rescue Team head has been referring to all of the people involved so that would include you as as as real heroes I’m wondering what kind of reception there has been to you as a key part of this Rescue Mission you know those yes they they were unbelievable weren’t there and they’ll be honored for sure it have they given you any indication about how they plan to honor you and the other members of the team because there has to be something in store for you from Thailand let me timings always consider giving country selling it be different than taking care of them in regards to your you know we’re on our way to I think so you don’t do it for you hopefully getting the parents isn’t that great yet to see the kids and you saw the parent so you saw the reactions did they did you have any interaction with any of the parents that you can tell us about down by the way that’s a stage and set up I don’t come out of the cage until at least 5 hours or 4 hours after the kids so yeah I talked to the people that I’ve actually gone and Everything is Everything I keep being struck by is all the infrastructure that was in place in this cave Network it really just in a matter of days the world coming together a dive Community coming together all of this pipe and lying and all of the equipment the divers together in this extremely seemingly well-organized operation is that really what it was help us understand that it cuz it doesn’t look chaotic in the slightest but it all came together so quickly in the first couple of days even getting to it what do you mean when the kids came out and took about 15 minutes for the Army to come in and sort are the whole Communications now we were talking about how does that mean this is just still so fresh I bet you’re still exhausted from all that you’ve done but sort of 24 hours on is there a lesson in this how are you sort of processing it in your mind what you been a part of what you been to accomplish to sort of a summation for us if you would Eric but knowing ready for the gave up and idea coming and more people and more expert yeah I could imagine they didn’t have the circle pleasure to know that you were part of that international team and congratulations on all that you have made possible really just did an absolutely extraordinary effort on everyone’s part thank you for the time nice talking to you Eric Brown one of those Heroes who helped rescue the 12 soccer players and their coach all of whom are well and and hospital this morning
The mission to save 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand involved an international team that included Canadian diver Erik Brown, who recounts the harrowing efforts to save the team.

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