Temporary Housing Program For Hurricane Survivors Ends | NBC Nightly News

when hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico 9 months ago it’s 155 mile per hour winds rip through homes and lives David Almeda and his family are some of the thousands of Puerto Rican left with nothing what to the US Mainland After the Storm they found a temporary home at a motel and Suburban Orlando paid for by FEMA survivors of hurricanes Maria Irma and Harvey ends today in a statement FEMA said the program was quote a temporary solution that Bridges survivors into more permanent options permanent option stuff to find in Florida tight rental market after multiple extensions hurricane Maria survivors have two options find their own place to live or receive a one-way plane ticket back to Puerto Rico this is one of the storage rooms for a food pantry I’m local churches like rubber and Jose Rodriguez is are trying to help those who want to stay with food and rental assistance some days I didn’t know you feel like giving up but I have a 16 year old I have to think about this weekend but it’s bittersweet for him a lot of people here that are now my friend’s he says and I wish I could take them all with me but I can’t Maya Rodriguez nbcnews Kissimmee Florida highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
The FEMA program that helped Americans impacted by Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey has come to an end. The agency said the program was meant to be a temporary solution, but nearly 2,000 displaced survivors struggle to find permanent housing.

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