Tempers flare at contentious hearing on Russia probe

the big news out of Washington today this hearing in the house Judiciary Committee take a listen to one of the exchanges from this afternoon I’m responsible for responding to your concerns as I have so your statement that I’m personally keeping information from you trying to conceal information you’re the boss mr. Rosen Stein why did you tell done wrong by Barn your thoughts on this hearing and what came out of well that was the roughest exchange of the day between Republican Jim Jordan and Rod Rosenstein and Jordan and a number of others have complained redactions that don’t seem to make much sense or we’re not necessary and documents handed over and Rosen Stein essentially said hey don’t don’t look at me important to remember today that the house actually passed with 226 boats a non-binding but Dance of the house resolution saying that the justice department has been withholding information and that should they should turn it over immediately and while Bob goodlatte the chairman of the Judiciary Committee did say that the justice department has been performing better on that score lately there is still a lot that they simply haven’t turned over we heard Jason that the Peter strzok and his testimony had the doj lawyer there and he didn’t really answer all of the questions according to people in the room the president tweeting out Peter struck work is the leader of the rig Witch Hunt for a long period of time he got it started and was only fired because the gig was up but remember he took his orders from Comey and McCabe and they took their orders from you-know-who mother call me best friends there is a frustration not only on Capitol Hill but you can hear it around the country your thoughts about all this while Congress is a co-equal branch of government with oversight responsibilities and some people just assume very slow to understand that and congress’s role here and then when you just tell the congressman about the volumes of documents you sent them knowing that that’s not really what’s relevant it’s irrelevant and they’re not in there so very much I’ll frustration among Republicans that Rod Rosenstein has has not rained in this investigation of small investigation on track and make sure that he is doing what he was asked to do and not going astray on on fishing Expedition so yes there is a lot of frustration are big news is this Summit upcoming and Helsinki on July 16th between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin here’s the present it’s going to be great the world has to start getting along I think we’ll be talking about Siri I think we’ll be talking about Ukraine I think we’ll be talking about any other subjects and we’ll see what happens I want to refrain from using the words breakthrough meetings and so on I suggest a pragmatic and realistic attitude towards these meetings certainly russian-american relations have been ready for a number of meetings on various levels long time ago because the bilateral agenda has been demanding it was the meeting at all this summer but this really should people often present waiting Russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election where is the DNC why didn’t Shady James Comey and now the disgraced FBI agent taken close to examine it why isn’t Hillary Russia being looked at so many questions so much Corruption of thoughts it did nothing to benefit the United States and certainly benefited the leader of North Korea many Americans feeling I think that’s what’s going to happen sadly with Russian with his meeting with a poo and Brett because again another photo op you have the president siding with food says he didn’t metal you have his own Department of Homeland Security and other departments and other Investigations out of showed a contract with the president is tweeting out also the appearance that he seems to be endorsing Putin’s take and reasoning for annexing Crimea and our allies in the western world they’re trying to isolate not Embrace Putin I don’t think that the President should be meeting with Putin and quite frankly again what are we going in with and what are we getting out of this meeting we should have be accommodating it should be the other way around I think the president takes any opportunity to make his defense in the Trump Russia Affair but I think on the other side from what I was saying is they could Trump and Putin to talk about I’m very tough things that the president has done as far as Russia is concerned the sending arms to Ukraine striking militarily Russia’s client in Syria developing new missiles developing low-yield nuclear weapon is pushing NATO to spend more money there a lot of policy things that Donald Trump has done in addition to new sanctions more than the Obama Administration put on that haven’t been done before all right panel thank you very much busy day
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein pushes back against attacks from Republican lawmakers; reaction and analysis from the ‘Special Report’ All-Stars.

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