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move over lotion Gates got prove his ethics problems are getting worse and is that 1/8 are now speaking out 118 Pruitt asked for how to get his wife get a six-figure job with the Republican Attorneys General Association a group Pruitt was actually once believe it or not he has twenty-five-year-old staffers to put hotel reservations on their personal credit cards instead of his then refused to pay them back for his Deputy Chief of Staff for operations disclosing he kept a secret calendar controversial meetings those are just the headlines today it comes as we see this video going viral a teacher Kristen May confronting fruit in a restaurant with her two-year-old son asking him to resign watch I just wanted to remind you if you want to James came by and pick up my son loves animals protect our environment before your channel? Joins me now Chris and thank you very much for that for joy have a lot of questions I’m asking you if you can walk us through what made you approach Scott Pruitt with your son walking through that moment instantly that I that I had to talk to him but I had to use that opportunity I feel strongly that it is my right as a citizen I pay his bills I’m a taxpayer with my it’s my responsibility as a mother so I knew right away but I wanted to approach him I know that we see a little bit of Pruitt’s reaction in the video would give us more of the context did he say anything to you throughout that at all that anyone around him say anything to you how did how did Pruitt react how would you describe his reaction you know I smiled and he said hello and that you know what I asked for you know if he was indeed mr. proven he smiled and you know I don’t know if you thought you know that maybe I was like a super fan of his bottom across the restaurant hello there you know I meant of course I suggested that he resigned stop smiling you know he looks kind of annoyed at that point and I started listing off some of his scandals and name some of the then his demeanor really changed he can he’s stiffened up and he looked angrier and more uncomfortable or the entire thing he had no defense no explanation no apology no confirmation of his impending resignation play this sound bite from president Trump talking about Scott Pruitt last month I’m not saying that he’s the playlist but we’ll see what happens so obviously you disagree with President Trump’s assessment of what he’s doing and how he’s doing his job give us a sense of what are some of the complaints that you have against Scott Pruitt as the head of the EPA you listed some of the sky that he was involved in if it wasn’t so tragic to see our president president Trump saying you know I’m not saying he’s blameless when it here is a man who is entirely to blame for the situation at hand for the decisions that are being made by that by the EPA so if that I mean that’s just really Ludacris o p a good job Trump but yeah so we’ve got this coming out now even his aides are are speaking out now against him it’s time for you to go Scott Pruitt yeah he’s spending on things like first class flights on tactical pants tactical pants for Scott Pruitt details involving Scott Pruitt politically aware very best it in all of this had you ever done anything like this in the past were you seen a politician maybe someone you disagreed with and confronted him about issues and Scandals restaurants and I really felt wrong about that I had to take that opportunity I’ve been involved in you know some protest and and things of that nature but this was nothing planned this wasn’t something I was approaching you know even as an activist or anything like that I really was coming to this as a mother they’re with my child and and this is a huge concern that I have for for my child’s future for the future of all of our children for the next generation and here is the man who is actively sacrificing our children’s water there clean air are natural resources this man is actively sacrificing his those things for personal gain and it disgusts me and I’d like to see him out of his position Sarah Huckabee Sanders excuse me going to the Redhead restaurant being asked to leave kirstjen Nielsen was interesting to Homeland Security as secretary and protesters approached her there as well and it’s debate about Civility and about citizens it whether or not they should be confronting cabinet members are politicians if they disagree with and I wanted to get your thoughts about the issue of Civility do you think that what you did may have crossed the line that there is a private moment in a public moment for these officials you were definitely in a private moment will let me say this first is that I think that this whole debate about stability is a waste of time and I wish that that the left would stop talking about it because civility is not the issue here you have people who are speaking up there’s no violence you know this is literally people voicing what it is they care about to the people whose salaries they pay right so if they wanted then turn that conversation away from the issues and 2o it’s not the right time it’s not the right play you’re not doing your job if you’re doing your job properly as a civil servant you want to hear from the people who are paying your taxes you want to hear from the people who you were supposed to be supporting and taking care of the issue here is is not Civility and obviously I need to be said but ability is ridiculous considering who we have is our president who has done so many things that are outside the box of Civility and kindness and goodness so it’s it was even spend time on this you know and I know that representative Maxine Waters you know made some comment about this and that some people on the left have not been supportive of her and I think that’s ridiculous so we should not be spending time people who want to criticize others for simply speaking out about what they believe in and I think that is my it’s my right as a citizen it’s my responsibility as a mother and and the same thing goes for everybody else in America let me just a little bit I want to bring in Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page into this conversation clearance it’s great to have you with us first let me apply for you what conservative conservative political commentator Eric Bolling I said today about Pruitt take a listen you’re a public servant your ear observing at the past in the present but you’re also serving the public I don’t think anyone out there on either side of the aisle or the middle would say that what what’s got put has been doing is serving the public it sounds more like he’s stop road is serving Scott Pruitt what is your reaction to that class what’s your assessment of how Scott Pruitt is doing in and when you’re hearing conservative commentators like that also saying Scott Pruitt is not serving anybody but Scott Pruitt I can’t say it’s not well deserved everybody knows I’m cool like that play blind or death to ethics certainly and we’ve seen this repeatedly and I hear we have a situation where he is been confronted by a citizen out there in the world realized I guess this sort of a demonstration in public I can’t say that it wasn’t well deserved improved case with other members of this Administration Kristen Nelson or Sarah Huckabee Sanders dropping somebody else’s meal however this is a natural consequence of the atmosphere is a lot of people at least convey how they feel and Christmas quite right at this was was a peaceful non-violent expression and it’s one that I hope we can find better ways for the public to be able to communicate with our leaders that have drop their dinners but I certainly understand why people are doing it this way in any other way and you feel that this is a national moment for these types of disruptions and protested take place I mean this is the way to have our voices heard right now and those are my Representatives so this is the way that I have to have my voice heard and I will say Scott Pruitt if you’re watching I would love to sit down at a time when I’m not interrupting your lunch and we can have a perfectly civil conversation about it if you want to have a talk in another time and you would like to know grant me access and that way I would love to sit down and talk with you in more detail need to film it why did you feel the need to film this and then put it online and it wasn’t your intention to have it go viral realize it would go by what that means to me this was this isn’t that exciting of a conversation but going up walking up there I felt safer having a camera on me for one Scott Pruitt had a couple security guards I didn’t know if they would try to let you know stop near interrupt me and so I felt like I was more likely to get to separate if I if I had the camera there and to be able to have that conversation with him like all the conversation but he didn’t have anything to say clearly and and then and then and then posting it I figured you know whoever sees it sees it and you know maybe somebody feels empowered by it but either of course it was always a chance that Scott Pruitt would say something of value you know you want to have that on tape he didn’t clearly but interview after that conversation class commence. Pro do at this stage given all the scandals that we keep hearing about scandals that he is generated are standing to me with more astounding is is how our president Trump puts up with it I think in some ways he is once again showing his own rebellious nature and fluffing up his image file by keeping I don’t see how he is not valuable for a ministration disability debate I agree with her that it is indeed but we are talking about stability but only on one side is rather remarkable to me about Liberals are bending over backwards to express their possibility for it on the Trump side weeks uncivil towards them now that’s a rather one-way dialogue Chris and I both of my parents and we know we raise our kids better than that I wish my Washington leaders would behave better than that better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could’ve been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us and we appreciate that
Teacher Kristin Mink, who confronted Trump EPA Chief Scott Pruitt in a restaurant over his mounting scandals and asked him to resign, joins The Beat. Mink defends her actions, saying calls for “civility” are a “waste of time”. Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page notes that while those on the left are calling for civility, the “Trump side” has “little respect for it” until “someone is uncivil towards them”
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Teacher Who Confronted Pruitt Responds To Calls For Civility | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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