Teacher charged in student’s drowning death

what was supposed to be an adventure in the outdoors for Toronto high school student turned into a desperate search operation it ended with divers finding the body of fifteen-year-old Jeremiah Perry he drowned while swimming in big Salt Lake Algonquin Park Ontario Provincial Police launched an investigation and today announced they were charging Nicholas Mills a teacher from Jeremiah’s High School who organized and supervised the trip with criminal negligence causing death the Toronto district school board says Mills has been on home assignment since the accident happened continue to be very troubled by the fact that it would it would appear that are safety requirements were not followed on this trip over a year those safety requirements included a swim test at the time the board said every student who went on the camping trip had to have passed it it turned out half of them including Jeremiah failed it this truck lawyer says he’s never seen a teacher facing charge like this after an accident on a school trip to another part of the province without the parents and basically the only supervisor going to be the teacher’s for appear for a few days or a few nights I can’t really see the court doesn’t find that the pair the teachers are stepping into the role of the parents in those circumstances says the charges warranted in a statement today he said although nothing that happens now can bring back Jeremiah or take away the pain of losing him we hope that having the case proceed through the criminal justice system will be one important step in ensuring the tragedy like this never happens again on a school trip to make sure it doesn’t the school board says it now requires parents to acknowledge they’ve seen the results of their children swim test and if they don’t pass they don’t go on field trips involving water Nicole Ireland CBC News Toronto so this is a case that is important for a number of reasons but it also features will have to answer for themselves so I suspect that teachers will be assessing their own Comfort level with those kind of risks right now I hope it doesn’t have a chilling effect but rather just an effect of making sure that both the employer on the teacher involves are fully aware of the responsibilities in the processes I’m just a strict adherence to them an insurance that they’re going to rigid and well followed is what I hoped for but there could be chilling effect changes are made at the school board level to look over and approve the rules around field trips and they keep students
A 54-year-old Ontario teacher has been charged with criminal negligence causing death in connection with the drowning death of student Jeremiah Perry during a field trip to Algonquin Park last year. Perry and many other students were allowed to go on the trip co-ordinated by teacher Nicholas Mills, despite failing a swim test.

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