Teacher by day, Nazi-themed wrestler by night

you know teaching is a tough job offering for not enough pay and now one Middle School teacher here in Pennsylvania is in hot water from Moonlighting at another gig during the day thirty-six-year-old Kevin Bean teaches 5th and 6th grade at the spring-ford intermediate where is talk since 2004 SiriusXM radio show this week saying his Praises as the faculty advisor of her son’s chess club but at night he becomes Blitzkrieg the German juggernaut how do the minor leagues of wrestling here’s a clip of him from a June match in Quakertown Pennsylvania but you can see he comes in waving a flag with a German Iron Cross he shall sing Hile Blitzkrieg and raise his arm in Nazi salute I’m doing this trick for years but then the founder of a website called prowrestlingsheet Ryan satin who used to work at TMZ and presumably knows a good story when he sees one wave the PC flag when he tweeted the video and said quote this video make sick watching the guy do Nazi salute on his way to the ring while children in the crowd cheer him on like a good guy is terrifying well you can guess what happened next local school officials were apparently unaware of the other gig after they found out they launched an invest patient it was future at the school they released a statement that said this spring-ford area school district was made aware of a video featuring an employee outside of the school setting participating in an amateur wrestling event once administrators were made aware of it they acted immediately to conduct an internal investigation the actions portrayed in this video do not represent the core values of the school district youth pro wrestling Saturday mornings my brother and I used to sit on these hideously colored green bean bag chairs in our rec room with paneling from Kmart all around us looking at a TV set that only got 7 channels and when we watched it watching pro wrestling which we loved to imitate these are the days when Vince McMahon really was a Pencil Neck Geek there were good guys there were bad guys and much like today’s political conversation there was no in between you knew you were four start of the other my personal favorite was Chief Jay Strongbow and when my brother and I would wrestle after watching I would do cheap chaise war-dance I think I can still do it but there’s a long tradition of cartoonish bad guys of villain for the how to boot like the shake a Syrian character who would enter the ring wearing a Bedouin style headdress and before matches he would nail on a Prayer rug the Moonlighting teacher was a more recent Incarnation and maybe he played the well there too well for some of the post pointed out that the issue here may have been more about the audience than the teacher performer quote Blitzkrieg appeared to elicit more cheers from the crowd that his opponent Cody Rose while he parade round the ring waving the Iron Cross flag many applauded one man could even be seen extending his arm in a Nazi salute a young boy held up a sign that proclaimed Blitzkrieg rules and another fans sign red Blitzkrieg Herscher all or mention which translated means Blitzkrieg ruler of all people as Blitzkrieg prepare to enter the ring chance of USA and Trump’s America filled the room so is that the real issue here let us not forget that in an earlier life the president made a famous cameo in pro wrestling himself is Kevin being responsible for the crowd turning his villain character in the way hero when I asked my radio out is whether a schoolteacher Who moonlights as a wrestler pretending to be a Nazi sanitizer is necessarily unfit to teach two-thirds of them said he’s fine to have both jobs and I think that’s the correct answer absent evidence that the teacher really harbors and axon such a polyfuze and let me be clear none of that evidence here to keep his job and young minds should continue to boo his character
CNN’s Michael Smerconish examines the case of a Pennsylvania teacher who is in hot water for his moonlighting gig as a Nazi-themed wrestling character.

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