Tariffs imposed on U.S. products on Canada Day

July 1st is the day together around the barbecue wear red and white and show us in Canadian Pride it’s not usually very political but this year Canada Day fall smack in the middle of an escalating trade War as Ottawa slap new tariffs on the products the Prime Minister will he hit the road with more here’s the host of Power & politics fashion Capella’s same lyrics Justin Trudeau became the first prime stir in 43 years to miss out on Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill instead he was here in Leamington Ontario and then in Regina trying to reassure workers affected by a trade war with the US that kicked in high gear today with the implementation of 16 billion dollars of Canadian terrorist we can work together and overcome whatever lays NRI in our path but overcoming those challenges just got even harder u.s. president Donald Trump didn’t mince words in an interview on Fox this morning I want to make it more fair okay I want to make it to last at least until those midterm elections in November and in the meantime thing will probably get worse before they get better percent on vehicles imported to the United States Trump claims he’ll be go to impose them under the pretense of National Security just like he did with steel and aluminum as soon as the month from now I don’t think it’s going to disappear anytime soon I think this is going to continue for for a while this President hasn’t shown that he’s interested in backing away from a fight and there are already bruises from that site here tenaris a company that makes steel pipes laid off 40 workers in Northern Ontario today because of American Steel tariffs the fear of course is that this is just the beginning three different kind of the day and an unprecedented time for this country bash capello’s CBC News Ottawa was the Prime Minister who skipped the festivities on the hill he went to mingle with other Canadians in other parts of the country but the how old in the nation’s capital will it drop dramatically from last year in part thanks to oppressive temperatures it’s felt like 47° in Ottowa with the humidity tie and all time record for the city and in spite of the Misty machines and water stations it was simply too hot to attract regular can of the day crowds struggling without this I was hoping it wouldn’t be as nice as hot it is it is it is it talked out at 6500 people on the hill at most last year 25,000 Canada day on the job she rolled onto Parliament Hill not in a limo Orlando but on a bike a chance to highlight physical fitness and Her speech got interrupted by a friends and fellow astronaut and dual an American Drew feustel calling live from the International Space Station good weather for a happy birthday party today also Mark the first national holiday with the new gender-neutral lyrics to Oh Canada something for the party he’ll crowd
Tariffs were imposed on a range of U.S. products on Canada Day.
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