WATCH LIVE: The National for Sunday July 22, 2018

on the Sunday night adarian traumatic rescue the Syrian border how can it help to coordinate an international mission who are the Syrian civilians known as the white helmet and why did... Read more »

Bill Browder: Vladimir Putin is obsessed with me

the Senate voted unanimously on a non-binding resolution to oppose giving Russia access to us officials Vladimir Putin making the proposal and exchange ornaments made the suggestion doing that Helsinki news conference... Read more »

See wave of garbage crash off the Dominican Republic

what is a microplastic Costco created when large plastic items toothbrushes photos bags breakdown over decades pesticides in flame-retardant example suctioning them up I’m concentrating secondly they are themselves complex molecules the... Read more »

Crawl inside a 3,500-year-old Egyptian tomb – 360 Video

thousands of years deep under the sand all peeled back to reveal this in ancient Egyptian tomb and its Eternal inhabitants I’ve been waiting with you about 23 feet beneath the Erin... Read more »

White Helmets evacuated into Jordan by Israel

have you seen countless times these people running into dangerous situations risking their lives digging through Rubble to save civilians in the Syrian conflict now we know it in Israel and Jordan... Read more »

UK police identify Russians suspected in nerve agent attacks

what is important to point out another day with these individuals have identified be responsible for the attempted assassination of surrogate scribbling his daughter but also for the mud of doing studies... Read more »

Madeleine Albright on Putin summit: I am worrying more

to the American people and the world this morning was trying to figure out where the president of the United States actually stands on Vladimir Putin in an interview last night on... Read more »

Max Boot slams Putin’s proposal to interrogate former US ambassador

the White House says president Trump is still considering a proposal by Vladimir Putin for the Kremlin to interrogate Americans including a former US ambassador to Moscow exchange for their assistance in... Read more »

Mueller indictment reveals key details about how U.S., Russia spy on each other

last week before the Trump Putin Summit and before Maria butina was charged with being a Russian spy special counsel Robert Mueller issued an indictment of his only charge 2 12 at... Read more »

Trump says he’d hold Russian President Putin accountable for election meddling

hello everyone I’m Tanya Rivera waiting for Elaine quijano president Trump just sat down with CBS Evening News anchor Jeff glor we will show you some of that in a moment but... Read more »