Steve Schmidt: President Donald Trump Refuses To Defend The US | Hardball | MSNBC

Mike Quigley Down always sits on the house intelligence committee Steve Schmidt is a political strategist and MSNBC contributor and you Michel Center is a White House correspondent PBS NewsHour and MSNBC... Read more »

Senate Votes 98-0 To Reject President Putin Proposal To Interview Americans | Hardball | MSNBC

wondering because you know when this program another swim wrestled with trying to figure out the motive you know the motive I thought it was for a while I know I’m being... Read more »

Ex-CIA chief on Trump-Putin summit: I feel sick

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Trump told Putin not to discuss proposal, Bloomberg reports

Vladimir Putin leaking a crucial headline from that private meeting with Donald Trump headline the Trump’s own team is in talking about assuming they even know about it write me Bloomberg News... Read more »

People of Montenegro laugh off Trump’s criticism

welcome to the front line in the collapse of the West as we know it menacing militant Montenegro and congratulations you’re in World War I I don’t know what to say I... Read more »

Chris Cuomo on Putin invite: This is like a bad movie

I swear after the Helsinki horror show president Trump should have reversed course but he sees that as weakness so instead he’s doubling down and inviting Putin back to his house literally... Read more »

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 19, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Steam Pipe Explodes In New York City | NBC Nightly News

just after Sunrise a billowing cloud of steam exploded out of the ground right at the start of the morning commute the Blessed created a shower of debris and grime the felt... Read more »

FBI Director Chris Wray Hints That He Considered Resigning | NBC Nightly News

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State Of Emergency In Oregon As Wildfires Rage Across The West | NBC Nightly News

tonight state of emergency in Oregon firefighters scrambling to save home in the crosshairs in the ravenous substation fire since Tuesday the fire exploded in more than 50,000 Acres fast really hot... Read more »