Flooding hits Colorado after heavy rain batters the area – Daily Mail

oh my goshRachael Marie Haber, 32, died on Wednesday after rain from the latest round of strong Colorado storms flooded the suburban Denver basement apartment she was staying in to take care... Read more »

Water on Mars | Does evidence of liquid water mean life on Mars?

so welcome to CBC News in the Nashua we are doing a livestream and taking your questions life about some pretty amazing astronomical discoveries I’m a Nicole mortillaro I’m the senior writer... Read more »

Drone footage reveals empty reservoir as hot weather continues – Daily Mail

A ‘drowned village’ has become visible in the heatwave for the first time since it was flooded nearly a century ago. Parts of the 15th century Longstone Manor estate in Dartmoor, Devon,... Read more »

2 children recovering from possible shark bites off the coast of New York

next two nights of the possible shark attacks on two separate beaches in the north-east those beaches are now closed and authorities are warning beachgoers yours ABC’s Lindsey Davis some terrifying moment... Read more »

Thai cave rescue: Canadian member of rescue team recounts mission to save boys and coach

and we have a special guest for you now I have talked so often and these recent days about the international nature of the rescue team that save the soccer players and... Read more »

Official reveals last-minute dangers of Thai cave rescue

of course you’re going to begin with that try up in Thailand and those new details about the daring rescue to get those 12 boys and their soccer coach to say flip... Read more »

Community rallies behind Thai soccer coach after rescue

we have more now on that Miracle rescue in Thailand and the coach at who led the boys into the cave system we’re learning new details about how he help keep them... Read more »

Thai cave rescue: Officials release 1st video of rescued boys in hospital

most important thing to show you and talk about first of all is the health and condition of the boys we have just seen the very first video images of the soccer... Read more »

Thailand celebrates rescue of 12 boys, coach from flooded cave

but we begin this hour in Thailand where emission that seems almost impossible has now been accomplished an international team of expert divers rescue the last five members of the boys soccer... Read more »

Police officers seen on bodycam saving drowning toddler

hero police officers racing to revive a toddler who was drowning in a backyard pool in New Jersey the end cancer 2 year old girl playing in a small kiddie pool getting... Read more »