California wildfire forces TV station to evacuate mid-broadcast

we are going to leave because it is now unsafe to be hereOfficials said the Carr Fire in Northern California, which started July 23 and has tripled in size, was caused by... Read more »

Will trade disputes backfire on Donald Trump?

president Trump trip to Twitter this morning to make the case for imposing tariffs on America’s major trading partners tweeting tariffs are the greatest either a country which has treated the United... Read more »

Brooklyn Pizza deliveryman facing deportation released – Daily Mail

just in the past hour this happened and he was jubilant he was emotional and he thanked everyone as soon as he got out and two young daughters a happy ending tonight... Read more »

The U.S. and Iran weren’t always enemies. What happened?

Duran Duran Duran behind every problem is a ran a terrorist nation whose Chief exports are violence Bloodshed and Chaos under President Trump United States Iranian relations taking a decisive turn for... Read more »

Steve Schmidt: President Donald Trump Refuses To Defend The US | Hardball | MSNBC

Mike Quigley Down always sits on the house intelligence committee Steve Schmidt is a political strategist and MSNBC contributor and you Michel Center is a White House correspondent PBS NewsHour and MSNBC... Read more »

White House rejects Putin’s offer to interrogate Russian meddling suspects

alright CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett joins us now major good to see you be with you what’s the latest on this Sarah via email is this going to... Read more »

Trump calls for Turkey to release American pastor

Clerk of Court ruled American Pastor Andrew Brunson will remain imprisoned rejecting it another appeal for his release and setting a follow-on court date for October 12th the Turkish Government tried repeatedly... Read more »

Family’s $500k inheritance seized at U.S. border

and Ottawa man acting as the executor of a will is pointing his finger at TD TD Canada Trust he says the bank gave him Fulton advice which led to US border... Read more »

Mueller indictment reveals key details about how U.S., Russia spy on each other

last week before the Trump Putin Summit and before Maria butina was charged with being a Russian spy special counsel Robert Mueller issued an indictment of his only charge 2 12 at... Read more »

Scalise compares Trump’s Russia strategy to Obama’s

took to Twitter remember how Russia was allowed to get to this point it ain’t gave a timeline of all the Obama Administration failures with Russia starting with the reset he joins... Read more »