Trump praises U.S. steel, bashes the media during Illinois rally – Daily Mail

we’re here today to celebrate a great Victory is a victory for all of you for this community and for our entire country after years of shutdowns and cutbacks today the best... Read more »

North Korea returns US war remains – BBC News

after nearly 70 years the fallen soldiers are welcome home with an honor guard one-by-one the small casket wrapped in the United Nations Flag where can we get back onto American soil... Read more »

President Donald Trump Touts 4.1 Percent Economic Growth | NBC Nightly News

from the Atlantic to the Pacific more evidence today of a strong economy before .1% economic growth in the second quarter the strongest Sensei 5% quarter in 2014 during the Obama Administration... Read more »

Cohen: Special Counsel Trump Knew Of 2016 Meeting Between Son And Russian Lawyer | NBC Nightly News

for the 9th time this week the president staying silent about his former fixer on camera but not online that’s after Michael Cullen according to a knowledgeable Source asserts he’d be willing... Read more »

Trump denies Cohen claim he knew about son’s Russia meeting

president Trump and his long-time fixer in lawyer Michael Cohen ABC News has learned tonight that Michael Cohen and that he knew about the meeting before it happened after dirt on Hillary... Read more »

When President Trump’s ‘fake news’ isn’t fake | Fact Checker

to make sure I like most politicians that what I said was correct not make a quick statement here’s the thing what I make a statement I like to be correct I... Read more »

Excerpts from the beautiful prose of Sean Spicer’s ‘The Briefing’ | Department of Satire

chapter one the president wanted to see me to call Kim at 4 on a Thursday afternoon and late July in the White House the time of most staffers were grabbing a... Read more »

Why hundreds of migrant children are still separated from their parents

rajbhog the first time in almost 2 months Vilma can’t hold her 11 year old son the boy seeking Asylum from Guatemala with his mother was one of over 2,500 children taken... Read more »

President Donald Trump ‘Open To Visiting Moscow’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

the president is open to visiting Moscow that was what the White House said today in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin who invited president fashion capital for yet another meeting between... Read more »

U.S. Election Security Suffers For Lack Of Oval Office Leadership | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

NBC News Nashville Taqueria Porter Ken Dulaney and has been reporting on today’s rather short white house meeting on Election security his story right now is on it’s headline the Trump... Read more »