Traffic warden gives ticket to AMBULANCE parked on yellow line – Daily Mail

nearest McDonald’s yeah it’s perfectly alright I can feel me if I want giving ticket to emergency vehicle Coco so you giving a ticket to an ambulance that’s on call sorry Joey... Read more »

Filming for American Horror Story causes traffic jam in LA – Daily Mail

The filming for American Horror Story season 8 has begun in the streets of Los Angeles, California. Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Read more »

A driver is trying to reverse to make way for traffic – Daily Mail

A driver keeps driving into ditches as he reverses. Oncoming traffic are waiting to drive past but the driver keeps driving in zigzags and falling into ditches. Original Video: Daily Mail... Read more »

Mixed messages in Washington, confusion on the border

president Trump’s executive order may have put an end to his policy of family separation from the US Mexico border it is left much unresolved it’s doing is it’s going to make... Read more »