Sen. John McCain’s ‘thumbs down’ vote against repealing Obamacare: An oral history

you remember what was at stake this was about rolling Healthcare back for millions and millions and millions of people and we’re 48-52 centered at that moment the bill had already passed... Read more »

What you need to know about Jim Jordan

on July 26th Republican representative Jim Jordan of Ohio announced his bid for house Speaker assuming Republicans can keep the majority in the house after November is midterm election so who is... Read more »

While some migrants worried about separations, others felt seeking asylum was worth the risk

escuchamos sokc Sunset Bar and oboro Andrea Andrea India no matter people are so scared. sheep West VallejoMigrants seeking asylum wait at this McAllen, Tex. bus station en route to other parts... Read more »

California wildfire forces TV station to evacuate mid-broadcast

we are going to leave because it is now unsafe to be hereOfficials said the Carr Fire in Northern California, which started July 23 and has tripled in size, was caused by... Read more »

Can Bose’s noise-masking Sleepbuds really help you sleep?

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Elsie Fisher talks about her new movie, ‘Eighth Grade’ | The Youths

I got to start a screen hey you can talk to me yeah the teenager still do this and come to diner maybe not most although my Theatre class likes to after... Read more »

House conservatives take aim at Russia probe with push to impeach Rosenstein

on July 25th house conservatives officially filed articles of impeachment against the number two in the Justice Department that’s Deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein this is politically significant because Rosenstein’s the person who... Read more »

Trump mocks media coverage of his Russia comments

look at all those cameras all those cameras every stop I got all these cameras this never happened to Obama it’s never happened to push this didn’t happen they just follow that... Read more »

Brock Turner is appealing his conviction

I did not hear the new laws now far as judges from granting probation or parole to anyone convicted of raping an unconsciousBrock Turner, the former Stanford University swimmer whose three-month jail... Read more »

Father reunited with son after more than two months: “I asked God to never separate us again”

Indiana at all Not For a Moment who won the baseball gameSaed, a migrant from Central America, was separated from his eight-year-old son at the U.S.-Mexico border. They were reunited after more... Read more »