How will the message of economic growth affect the upcoming midterm elections?

US economy expanded in the second quarter As Americans spend more in companies invested in themselves according to the Commerce Department GDP grew more than 4% between April and June that’s the... Read more »

U.S. GDP grows by 4.1% in second quarter

new TDP number show the US economy grew by 4.1% in the second quarter of 2014 Dimitri Ava is a economy reporter for Bloomberg as he joins us now from Washington so... Read more »

Trump gives remarks on tariffs at Illinois steel plant

start up stay up and you’ve proven to the world that you’re capable of doing this just a passionate stay as one team you have our full support we’re going to help... Read more »

Trump visits Midwest amid fears of tariffs hurting farmers

hello everyone I’m telling you were there oh thank you for joining us president Trump is in the midwest today to promote his policies on job creation and trade but the visit... Read more »

Trump makes statement from White House Rose Garden

right now you can’t hear me Jane breakdown just let us know if you don’t want your neck yes. now he’s worried about this and then we’ll go from there yeah I... Read more »

Trump EU meeting: Live joint statements with Jean-Claude Juncker from White House Rose Garden pompeyo4 now we’re going to take you to the White House where president Trump is speaking after meeting with the European commission president let’s listen it Senator Mike crapo thank you... Read more »

Will trade disputes backfire on Donald Trump?

president Trump trip to Twitter this morning to make the case for imposing tariffs on America’s major trading partners tweeting tariffs are the greatest either a country which has treated the United... Read more »

Trump blames ‘fake news’ for negative impact of trade war

no Fox sick with us and they’re doing a number just stick with us don’t believe the crap you see from these people to fake news I mean I saw a piece... Read more »

Trump: ‘Farmers will be the biggest beneficiary’ from new trade deals

and my Administration also understand so we cannot be a safe country if we are not a prosperous country we have to think of ourselves you have to see these great deals... Read more »

Does the emergency aid for farmers offer a solution or more problems?

that I just want to let you know we put tariffs on steel and aluminum frankly the smart people love it some people don’t understand it in the last 4 months president... Read more »