Trump denies being aware of Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer, campaign officials

hello everyone thank you for joining us president Trump is striking back at former attorney Michael Collins claims that the president do thousand sixteen meeting at Trump Tower in which Russians offered... Read more »

Russian Hackers Unsuccessfully Targeted Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill | NBC Nightly News

explosive Revelations Russian hackers targeted the Senate offices of Missouri Senator Claire mccaskill in issue she’s real against in the past I never thought I’d see the day that Russian would go... Read more »

Trump denies Cohen claim he knew about son’s Russia meeting

president Trump and his long-time fixer in lawyer Michael Cohen ABC News has learned tonight that Michael Cohen and that he knew about the meeting before it happened after dirt on Hillary... Read more »

When President Trump’s ‘fake news’ isn’t fake | Fact Checker

to make sure I like most politicians that what I said was correct not make a quick statement here’s the thing what I make a statement I like to be correct I... Read more »

Opinion | Trump, Michael Cohen and Robert Mueller are in the midst of a mob case

the Russian case each day it seems more and more like a mob investigation we have a consulary we have recorded phone calls we have money Changing Hands we have a discussion... Read more »

After trusting Cohen for years, Trump now thinks he has no credibility

the man is a liar a proven liar there’s no way you’re going to bring down the present United States on the testimony uncorroborated of a proven liar you his guy is... Read more »

President Donald Trump ‘Open To Visiting Moscow’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

the president is open to visiting Moscow that was what the White House said today in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin who invited president fashion capital for yet another meeting between... Read more »

President Donald Trump/Michael Cohen Face Off: What Does He Know? | The Last Word | MSNBC

I’m getting turned in for Lawrence O’Donnell what is one of Donald Trump’s biggest denials about Russia may be unraveling tonight am in the civil war between the president and his former... Read more »

Donald Trump Calls Cohen A Liar. Cohen’s Reportedly Furious At Donald Trump. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

day 554 of the Trump Administration and the president escalates the war on his former lawyer and confidante Michael Cohen while denying that he had an advance knowledge about that June 2016... Read more »

It’s Been 2 Years Since Donald Trump Asked Russia To Find Clinton Emails | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

hey Malcolm our friend Clint is absolutely right it was 2 years ago today in response to a question from Katy tur who just anchored the hour before us will take a... Read more »