Workman smashes car window to rescue three dogs on hottest day – Daily Mail

Police were scrambled to the vehicle where the three creatures were trapped inside, but officers wanted to wait for their owners to return. The refuse worker and his female colleague were so... Read more »

Fires in Greece kill at least 74 people

Fast And unforgiving Flames devoured seaside resort towns along Greece’s eastern coast tiny community’s bustling with Summer tourist became fully engulfed in a matter of minutes firefighters didn’t stand a chance in... Read more »

White Helmets rescue: Why saving them was so urgent

422 Syrian rescue workers and their families are in among tonight waiting to come to Canada the UK and Germany they are the white helmets a task force of volunteers from all... Read more »

Canada’s role in the White Helmets rescue effort

today the world is learning more about a dramatic rescue from Syria and can it is crucial role in this International effort to save lives civil defense volunteer is known as the... Read more »

Bystander saves 3-year-old girl from raging river of water in India

A father and his daughter were caught up in a raging river of water and swept away down the street in India. Fortunately a bystander was able to snatch up the toddler... Read more »

Israel helps hundreds of Syrian White Helmets evacuate from Golan Heights

Hundreds of members of White Helmets and their families were rescued from Golan Heights, where they faced in danger from the Syrian government. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: Watch... Read more »

New Hampshire man hospitalized after bee swarm attack

Texan Eye Care Authority for the new warning after a swarm of what they call Killer Bees attacking woman in California she’s in the hospital tonight after being stung more than 200... Read more »

At least 8 dead in duck boat accident on Missouri lake, sheriff says

we’re getting breaking news Into The Newsroom here’s the latest update we have 8 confirmed fatalities tcat has transported seven patients to the hospital and we do have some people still missing... Read more »

11-year-old Thai soccer player held onto coach’s back during rescue

play it’s now on the young boys rescue from the cave in Thailand they are back home reunited with their families and our foreign correspondent James longer on site from the start... Read more »

Rescued boys, coach say they never gave up hope of being found in Thailand cave

if Freedom taste like anything here in Mesa right it’s Kentucky Fried Chicken 11 hugs and spices come on drink about well trapped in the cave hoping to be rescued because every... Read more »