Nicaragua’s Ortega blames bloodshed on pro-democracy protesters

time out to Nicaragua where president Daniel Ortega is blaming pro-democracy protesters for the wave of turmoil hitting the country he blasted opposition demonstrations in a rare interview yesterday the capital city... Read more »

How #MeToo is changing the way museums do exhibits

the work captures India like never before regular thing made his name with vibrant street photography in color where others use black and white he had a personal connection to the Landscapes... Read more »

Anti-Trump protests put Theresa May in awkward spot

Pomp and ceremony at Blenheim Palace Irish and Scots guards exactly the image vice president wants from his first British too long delayed and argued over nevermind that 70% of this country... Read more »

Widespread protests expected during Trump’s U.K. visit

Trump is in London for meetings with British prime minister Theresa May the UK is experiencing political turmoil as prime minister may attempt to negotiate for countries exit from the European Union... Read more »

British protests of Trump unsurprising given his criticisms

former British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill’s first coined the phrase the special relationship to describe anglo-american relations back in 1946 and its been a much cherish I’m here ever since but... Read more »

Trump baby balloon to take flight over the streets of London

thousands of protesters are expected to pack the streets for Trump’s visit the US Embassy is actually warning America’s Atlanta to steer clear of protest or to keep their heads down but... Read more »

Trump names his Supreme Court nominee

the battle over president Trump’s pick in the Supreme Court already in full swing just hours after the president introduce his nominee are you seeing Federal appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh to... Read more »

Protesters march nationwide against Trump immigration policies

democracy looks like he looks like I want my daddy menstration yell we all are doesn’t matter the color of your skin what’s right is right and just is wrong place where... Read more »

Immigration Activist Diane Guerrero Separated From Family: ‘It Is Forever’ | NBC News

I sure my struggle to help open eyes to the agony that every one of these kids will face forever for life even some 17 year Slater I still remember how it... Read more »

Protesters fight immigration policy outside White House

are going faster and faster now jumping no good reason why I couldn’t come by and let it happen gear I couldn’t follow orders choose a job more people join you know... Read more »