Dan Bongino slams Ocasio-Cortez’s plans for taxes

if people pay their fair share of corporations in the ultra-wealthy that’s two trillion dollars right there that’s an additional amount of large amount just last year we gave the military a... Read more »

Charlie Kirk: Trump has restored the idea of America

call holsters and those in the media filter predict Donald Trump’s 2016 election win but now in New York Times op-ed is looking all the way to the day after the election... Read more »

Tomi Lahren: Truth has become the new hate speech

attorney general the United States yesterday describing life on America’s campuses he was a turning point USA High School leadership conference General comments regarding these sanctimonious snowflakes on America’s campuses are high... Read more »

Steve Hilton: Escalating idiocy after the Helsinki summit

last week we talked about the establishment reaction to president Trump’s European trip and pointed at all the eye why I purposely pontificating about it remember that Black Swan or finessing Talent... Read more »

Swamp Watch: Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy

retail giant Toys R Us dominated the American toy sales Market but as of last month Toys R Us is no more with Will 735 stores closed and 33,000 employees out of... Read more »

Bongino: Russia probe is biggest scam in modern US history

Department of Justice releasing more than 400 pages of the fights of Warrant application regarding Carter page so we now find out that it was indeed the unverified and fake dirty by... Read more »

Tomi Lahren: I love seeing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on TV

socialist Millennial Alexandria ocasio-cortez hitting the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders this week after shocking the political establishment and taking up Pelosi’s Protege but is she all Sizzle and no stay here’s... Read more »

Kimberly Guilfoyle leaves Fox

the network made it official with a one-sentence statement Fox News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle Guilfoyle a former prosecutor is popular conservative Lighthouse and as I reported on this program... Read more »

Watters’ Words: The return of Barack Obama

the return of Barack Obama that is a subjective tonight’s Waters words since leaving office but popped up and South Africa this week has been erased dad at the man who did... Read more »

Jeanine: The anger of the left in America is out of control

how was your week mine as you may have heard was quite eventful and a message for Whoopi Goldberg regarding what happened on The View this week coming up later in the... Read more »