Anderson Cooper stunned by Trump’s ‘witch hunt’ claim

Kennedy when President Trump meets Vladimir Putin in Finland on Monday you’ll be more prepared than ever armed with more evidence than ever to confront him over Russia’s attack on the 2016... Read more »

Trump calls it a witch hunt – but Mueller just indicted 12 more Russians

Deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein announce the indictments of 12 Russian intelligence officials in charges stemming from the hacking of Democrats during the 2016 election of the main intelligence directorate of the Russian... Read more »

Thursday Was Wrong Hearing, Wrong Priorities: Congressman | Morning Joe | MSNBC

if it was surreal to watch this truck hearing imagine sitting at the center vet Congressman Eric swalwell was there to answer the at the conclusion of the day will be recessing... Read more »

Watch Live: President Trump and British PM May hold joint press conference

Lester Holt from Trafalgar Square in London we’re coming on there to bring you a joint news conference by President Trump and British prime minister Theresa May as the president’s controversial trip... Read more »

Peter Strzok Lawyer: GOP Not Interested In Hearing The Truth | Morning Joe | MSNBC

let me be clear unequivocally and Underoath not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any official action I took this again and some dark... Read more »

Pres. Trump, PM May hold joint news conference in U.K

we want to deepen that cooperation even further to meet the shed challenges we face now and in the years ahead this morning president Trump and I visited scientist Webby sword demonstration... Read more »

Purple Heart recipient on suggestion Strzok deserves honor

anti Trump FBI agent Peter strzok receiving mostly praise from Democrats on the hill one going so far as to suggest that he should be given a medal if I could give... Read more »

Melania Trump beats Theresa May’s husband Philip at bowls – Daily Mail

Melania Trump, 48, showed off her playful side as she tried her hand at bowls as she joined Philip May for a visit to the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London on Friday... Read more »

UK tabloid reporter: Trump gave May a ‘wrapped hand grenade’

the president’s bombshell interview with a British tabloid the sun is the equivalent of this diplomatic explosion the president going after the British prime minister Theresa May ahead of his big meeting... Read more »

How the Peter Strzok hearing turned into one giant argument

you are under subpoena and are required to answer the question are you objecting to the question if so please State your objections to Chairman I object the gentleman it does not... Read more »