Doug Ford plan to slash Toronto city council sparks protests

Just 4 weeks into the job and Ontario Premier Doug Ford is whipping up a political firestorm in Canada’s biggest city his plan to slash the number of counselors in Toronto by... Read more »

Rep. Jim Jordan: Congress has to do a better job

yesterday Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House in earlier I sat down with the congressman to ask why he’s running and one agenda he’s going to push take a... Read more »

The National for Friday July 27, 2018 – Doug Ford, Danforth Shooting, Wildfires

on this Friday night Doug for Dropped a Bomb on Toronto politics and leave them there fuming his sudden decision to slash Toronto City Council before voting day is just the latest... Read more »

Is Anti-Anxiety Medication The Next U.S. Drug Crisis? | NBC Nightly News

Christy Hough says it took just 3 weeks for her to get hooked on Xanax mother and Doctor herself she was prescribed the drug for insomnia three years ago when she decided... Read more »

President Donald Trump Touts 4.1 Percent Economic Growth | NBC Nightly News

from the Atlantic to the Pacific more evidence today of a strong economy before .1% economic growth in the second quarter the strongest Sensei 5% quarter in 2014 during the Obama Administration... Read more »

CBS Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves Accused Of Sexual Misconduct | NBC Nightly News

the New Yorker magazine dispose of article describes multiple accounts of sexual harassment stretching back decades against Les moonves the head of CVS in one of the most powerful media Moguls in... Read more »

Russian Hackers Unsuccessfully Targeted Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill | NBC Nightly News

explosive Revelations Russian hackers targeted the Senate offices of Missouri Senator Claire mccaskill in issue she’s real against in the past I never thought I’d see the day that Russian would go... Read more »

Michael Avenatti, Alan Dershowitz debate gets personal

the release of that audio tape between Donald Trump and his one-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen incident reporting from sources who say Kevin is claiming the president new of the Trump Tower... Read more »

Anderson Cooper: Trump’s defenders can’t keep their story straight

good evening it says something about the kind of week we’ve seen or month or year 3 for that matter that the big question tonight is who you going to believe someone... Read more »

Don Lemon: Trump lies coming in fast and furious

Donald Trump’s presidency can be defined by lies well over two thousand of them so far and those lies are coming Fast and Furious the last week alone president Trump made 54... Read more »