Harf: There are reasons former top officials keep clearances

Republican senator Rand Paul called on the president to revoke Brennan security clearance and says he go a step further and remove top secret clearances from all retired CIA agents it almost... Read more »

Hannity: FISA court was abused for political gain

everything we have been telling you for months we have been reporting for months that the media has ignored for over a year has been confirmed this weekend I want you to... Read more »

Should Trump revoke ex-officials’ security clearances?

Congressman Bob goodlatte this weekend calling on the former CIA Chief John Brennan to testify to Congress on his role in this Rush Witch Hunt Hogs he was reaction did Judicial Watch... Read more »

Scalise compares Trump’s Russia strategy to Obama’s

took to Twitter remember how Russia was allowed to get to this point it ain’t gave a timeline of all the Obama Administration failures with Russia starting with the reset he joins... Read more »

Nunes on warning Obama administration about Russia

he blasted the justice department yesterday three interview claiming that some within the doj evidence the Russians were colluding with the Trump campaign in 2016 Congress would have been briefed on it... Read more »

Ingraham: The people and their will give democracy its meaning

Obama to the rescue that’s the focus of tonight’s angle before prison Trump could even clarify if statements in Helsinki President Obama pounced hit the sitting president populism and attempted to breathe... Read more »

Democrats slam Trump’s attempt at postsummit damage control

the president’s reversal came after near-universal outraged after what he said about America’s intelligence Community including his own party ABCs Kyra Phillips on that front tonight on Capitol Hill tonight Democrats denouncing... Read more »

Guests arrive for fundraising dinner with Michelle Obama in Edinburgh – Daily Mail

that’s wonderful this is one of those moments in your life where it’s completely historical. you know about my family is you could see what kind of people that were from the... Read more »

How Mariner Finance cashes in on loans to strangers

yeah that’s hardly get you ever say to me for $3,221.27 do you have that now means you have the money in April last year Steven how to check he looks at... Read more »

Indian student: I said I was black to get into med school

it was reported today that the Trump Administration will be revoking obama-era legal guidelines in which the federal government encourages College to use race as a factor in admissions is it encouragement... Read more »