North Korea returns US war remains – BBC News

after nearly 70 years the fallen soldiers are welcome home with an honor guard one-by-one the small casket wrapped in the United Nations Flag where can we get back onto American soil... Read more »

Trump thanks Kim for transferring remains of US soldiers

hi Bill we first told you about this yesterday frankly we weren’t 100% sure it was going to happen but indeed it did happen the return it’s believed to be other remains... Read more »

Mike Pompeo hearing live stream on the Trump-Putin meeting and North Korea Summit

Kateri of State Mike Pompeo is testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about President Trump’s controversial Summit with Russia Vladimir Putin in Helsinki let’s listen in divide portions of Georgia continues... Read more »

Sebastian Gorka: Trump understands how fragile Iran is

filling a commitment made to by Kim Jong on to president Trump 6 weeks ago at their historic Summit new satellite images appear to show North Korea dismantling it’s May missile testing... Read more »

North Korea appears to be dismantling key parts of missile-engine testing site

new satellite images from North Korea to show the dismantling of facilities had a missile engine testing sites have a research group 38 North says North Korea is breaking down and engine... Read more »

US and North Korea: What might peace look like? – BBC News

from siren Fury to friends 2017 accidentally hit back yesterday currently normalizing us relations at the same time though on The American Nation without freezing testing typing that Arsenal so not exactly... Read more »

Trump trying North Korea strategy on Iran?

we’re falling latest developments on the war of war between Iran and president Trump Iran says it will respond to the president’s threats with equal countermeasures if the United States would suffer... Read more »

ABC News Live: Deadly Greece fires, North Korea dismantling nuke site, Trump’s tariffs

an additional 11 recordings handed over to New York prosecutors our conversations president Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen had with members of the media sources reaffirmed ABC News it appear the... Read more »

New images may show North Korea dismantling nuclear sites

new satellite images that experts say show North Korea dismantling missile engine test site this after Kim Jong un’s promise to president Trump during their Summit last month are cheap Global Affairs... Read more »

Watch Trump’s full news conference at NATO summit

thank you very much everybody appreciate it we’ve had a very amazing today. And Brussels and if we really accomplished a lot with respect to Nato four years presidents have been coming... Read more »