Watch Now: President Trump hosts the Pledge to America’s Workers event

Russian stance now there are other interactions when she sends photos of herself or talks about her work on behalf of the Russian Federation and gets towed of responses and one that... Read more »

Watch Now: Nancy Pelosi holds weekly press conference | July 19, 2018

paying jobs president Trump promise to drain the swamp but he’s turned it into a cesspool at the expense of the water are children drink the air they breathe the rights of... Read more »

Trump says there has never been a president ‘as tough on Russia’ – Daily Mail

thank you all very much appreciate it thank you thank you very much we’re doing very well and we are doing very well and we’re doing very well probably as well as... Read more »

Fmr. CIA CoS: We’re Seeing Most Dramatic Shift In U.S. Foreign Policy Since WWII | Deadline | MSNBC

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Tucker takes on Swalwell over Trump ‘treason’ claims

first he was a sexist and racist than a Nazi literally Hitler Reborn president Trump there none left all that’s left is violence in some of the left appear to be encouraging... Read more »

Pompeo praises Trump’s diplomacy at NATO and Helsinki

I travel to Pyongyang for the third time we made progress on some issues there’s a lot of work to do it may take some time to get where we need to... Read more »

Watch Now: President Donald Trump meets with his cabinet

he understands it and he’s not happy about it and you shouldn’t be happy about it because there’s never been a president as tough on Russia as I have been okay thank... Read more »

Melania Trump pulls face after shaking Vladimir Putin’s hand – Daily Mail

Putin can be seen smiling and nodding in the clip as he is introduced to Melania by President Trump in Helsinki, Finland on Monday. Melania, who is a few inches taller than... Read more »

Watch Live: President Trump and British PM May hold joint press conference

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Trudeau insists Canada spending enough on defence as Trump declares victory at NATO

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