Pompeo praises Trump’s diplomacy at NATO and Helsinki

I travel to Pyongyang for the third time we made progress on some issues there’s a lot of work to do it may take some time to get where we need to... Read more »

Trudeau insists Canada spending enough on defence as Trump declares victory at NATO

prime minister Justin Trudeau is repeating his commitment to additional military spending but he also appears this morning to be barking at the notion of doubling that spending in response to new... Read more »

President Trump: I’m A Very Stable Genius. European Allies: Umm, Really? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

what’s put the song back on the screen some of the sub had some of the sidebar stories were not getting to down at the bottom Boris Johnson who just resigned from... Read more »

Nuland: Vladimir Putin Heads To Donald Trump Meeting With Lots Of Wants | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

the good news is the president didn’t unilaterally announced today that the United States has leaving NATO the bad news is that that’s actually news because there was a realistic possibility that... Read more »

Kellyanne Conway reacts to Trump’s surprise NATO presser

counselor to the president is able to respond to some of the breaking news in the president’s impromptu price or at least that we didn’t know about before Kelly and you think... Read more »

Trump at NATO: Tremendous progress has been made

and if we really accomplished a lot with respect to Nato four years presidents have been coming to these meetings and talked about the expense the tremendous expense for the United States... Read more »

Trump: Putin’s not my enemy, he’s a competitor

you think you going to get along with president an enemy of my enemy is your friend no I don’t know him well enough but the couple of times that I’ve gotten... Read more »

President Donald Trump Arrives In Brussels For NATO Summit | NBC News

nbcnews viewers YouTube channel subscribe button down here videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watchingPresident Donald Trump arrived in Brussels, Belgium for the... Read more »

Watch Trump’s full news conference at NATO summit

thank you very much everybody appreciate it we’ve had a very amazing today. And Brussels and if we really accomplished a lot with respect to Nato four years presidents have been coming... Read more »

Leaders attend NATO summit in Brussels (Day 1)

play everyone president of the government Kingdom of Spain his Excellency mr. Pedro Sanchez that is Festival president of the Council of Ministers of the Italian republic his Excellency mr. Pacifico prime... Read more »