Police release video of Stormy Daniels’ arrest outside strip club – Daily Mail

winter services not can you use any anatomical part of your body like your Jess to put it on people’s face that’s a misprint mystery of the first degree so explain to... Read more »

‘This was a setup’ Stormy Daniels’s lawyer after arrest in Ohio – Daily Mail

well I have reason to believe that it was politically motivated there’s no question that these officers were undercover at that strip club they knew that my client was going to be... Read more »

Full Rocah: Don’t Take Rudy Giuliani’s Comments On Russia Probe Seriously | MTP Daily | MSNBC

president Trump’s legal team attacks on the Russia investigation as it says conditions for a potential Mueller interview Rudy Giuliani insisted on a Sunday show tour yesterday that the president wants to... Read more »

Giuliani says Cohen pardon ‘would just confuse everything’

you’ve been on the case now for several months it and it seems like every time you come on you’re stretching out the timeline for when the possible encounter with multiple happened... Read more »

Rudy Giuliani: Mueller probe is ‘highly suspect’

these new terms particularly that Robert Mueller must show proof of trump wrong-doing to agree to an interview interview so sorry no interview Well we’d like to know if there’s any factual... Read more »

Rpt: Cohen Doesn’t Think President Trump Will Pardon Him, Hires Clinton Ally | The Last Word | MSNBC

how far is Wilmer Trump lawyer Michael Cohen going to distance himself from Donald Trump will today Trump’s former lawyer hired one of the top lawyers for the clintons a plot twist... Read more »

Michael Cohen drops Trump attorney label on Twitter

let’s go to Michael Cohen he’s got a big date back in court tomorrow and what’s been noteworthy today Amie Parnes is that he has gone to hit gone to this Twitter... Read more »

New Report: Michael Cohen Expects Trump Ally Attacks To ‘Ramp Up’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

we’re just two days away from the deadline for Donald Trump’s lawyers to finish reviewing the last of the documents he’s in the Michael Cohen rate while they’re checking for anything they... Read more »

Trump says he thinks his relationship with Mexico’s president-elect will “be a good one”

in Monday is red and blue political Roundup president Trump is expressing optimism about working with Mexico’s new president on Lopez obrador won the countries election in a landslide Sunday the former... Read more »

Avenatti: ‘I Was First To Predict Michael Cohen Would Flip On Donald Trump’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

questions or what makes you think he’s trying to get the president to pay his legal fees what in the interview made made that be a conclusion that you would draw from... Read more »