Jet suit on sale in London for $592K

they run on jet fuel but you can also run them on diesel you quite a bit of blue smoke when you shut them down but they weren’t puffy while on diesel... Read more »

There is a giant seductive statue of Jeff Goldblum in London – Daily Mail

the crazy side effects to death in his famous reclining pose in front of London Tower Bridge previously the iconic image of goblin with a shed open in a smoldering expression on... Read more »

Tiffany Trump and Marla Maples goes to London on a rainy day – Daily Mail

hey do you want to sing in the rain today I just wanted a blow-dry you have a really straight straight hair for our trip to London today but guess what I... Read more »

President Trump meets Britain’s queen

President Trump met Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on July 13, as part of his first trip to Britain since he was elected president in 2016. Read more: Subscribe to... Read more »

Trump: U.S.-Britain bond is ‘highest level of special’

so I would say I’d give our relationship terms of grade the highest level of special so we start off with special I would give our relationship with the UK and now... Read more »

Trump’s news conference with May, in 3 minutes

is that really the behavior of a friend’s I didn’t criticize the Prime Minister have a lot of respect for the Prime Minister the only thing I ask of Teresa is that... Read more »

‘Very tough, very smart, very capable’: The many nice things Trump said about May

I want to thank you for your very gracious Hospitality thank you very much Teresa Melania and I were delighted to join you and fill up for dinner it was wonderful and... Read more »

President Trump Talks Baby Blimp, Criticizes British PM In New Interview | The Last Word | MSNBC

president Trump has just giving an interview to the Rupert Murdoch own British newspaper the sun in which he has confessed that the Trump blimp really works the Trump has really made... Read more »

Anti-Trump protests put Theresa May in awkward spot

Pomp and ceremony at Blenheim Palace Irish and Scots guards exactly the image vice president wants from his first British too long delayed and argued over nevermind that 70% of this country... Read more »

Fans and police clash in in London after England defeat – Daily Mail

Striker Mario Mandzukic put Croatia 2-1 up in extra time to leave England on the brink of a World Cup semi final exit having led much of the match 1-0 only to... Read more »