GOP lawmaker wants to look at Trump’s taxes

the president top intelligence official says he still doesn’t know what happened behind closed doors when mr. Trump met privately with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki 3 days ago Dan coats also acknowledging... Read more »

‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ isn’t new

the summit push Trump critics over the edge and they’re just staying for the president’s Behavior Civility and puppy well actually it’s been the everywhere else full-blown Trump derangement syndrome derangement Syndrome... Read more »

Ex-CIA chief on Trump-Putin summit: I feel sick

it’s day 3 of The Fallout from the Helsinki Summit the question still keep coming and coming about exactly what went on behind closed doors between Trump and Putin of course one... Read more »

Trump told Putin not to discuss proposal, Bloomberg reports

Vladimir Putin leaking a crucial headline from that private meeting with Donald Trump headline the Trump’s own team is in talking about assuming they even know about it write me Bloomberg News... Read more »

People of Montenegro laugh off Trump’s criticism

welcome to the front line in the collapse of the West as we know it menacing militant Montenegro and congratulations you’re in World War I I don’t know what to say I... Read more »

Chris Cuomo on Putin invite: This is like a bad movie

I swear after the Helsinki horror show president Trump should have reversed course but he sees that as weakness so instead he’s doubling down and inviting Putin back to his house literally... Read more »

Cuomo: Trump’s tweet is admission he hates America

alright here’s my closing argument this tweet was bad for you mr. president here it is the summit with Russia was a great success nobody thinks that except with the Real Enemy... Read more »

White House says Trump “disagrees” with Putin’s proposal to question Americans

we have breaking news on a controversial proposal Vladimir Putin made to the president the White House’s apparently changed its tune rewind back to Helsinki Finland Monday here was President Trump on... Read more »

GOP rep. stands by ‘sluts’ comments

Republican Congressman Jason Lewis’s firing back defending his past comments about women and his use of the word s*** CNN’s K file it dug up some audio of Luis this is back... Read more »

Scaramucci on why Trump ‘misstated’ his position on Putin

how are you it’s great to be here nice to see you pickles drop that takes a while to mop everything okay so it’s going well he’s on messages to be totally... Read more »