Mike Pompeo defends Trump-Putin meeting while being grilled on Capitol Hill

Oliver thanks for joining us Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is defending president Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki last week quote entitled to have private meetings and would not get... Read more »

Mike Pompeo hearing live stream on the Trump-Putin meeting and North Korea Summit

Kateri of State Mike Pompeo is testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about President Trump’s controversial Summit with Russia Vladimir Putin in Helsinki let’s listen in divide portions of Georgia continues... Read more »

North Korea appears to be dismantling key parts of missile-engine testing site

new satellite images from North Korea to show the dismantling of facilities had a missile engine testing sites have a research group 38 North says North Korea is breaking down and engine... Read more »

US and North Korea: What might peace look like? – BBC News

from siren Fury to friends 2017 accidentally hit back yesterday currently normalizing us relations at the same time though on The American Nation without freezing testing typing that Arsenal so not exactly... Read more »

Trump trying North Korea strategy on Iran?

we’re falling latest developments on the war of war between Iran and president Trump Iran says it will respond to the president’s threats with equal countermeasures if the United States would suffer... Read more »

ABC News Live: Deadly Greece fires, North Korea dismantling nuke site, Trump’s tariffs

an additional 11 recordings handed over to New York prosecutors our conversations president Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen had with members of the media sources reaffirmed ABC News it appear the... Read more »

Fmr. CIA CoS: We’re Seeing Most Dramatic Shift In U.S. Foreign Policy Since WWII | Deadline | MSNBC

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Kim Jong Un Chooses Potato Over Mike Pompeo | All In | MSNBC

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North Korean leaders voice frustration after Pompeo meeting

crane egg in Washington is a professor at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Atlantic council is denying pompeo’s claims of reproductive complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization it doesn’t seem that... Read more »

North Korea says US attitude ‘regrettable’ after Pompeo talks

North Korea is calling Mike Pompeo the Secretary of State his meetings in North Korea regrettable the secretary met with Kim jungles top adviser Kim young children according to Pompeo they made... Read more »