Thai cave rescuers say they expected some kids to die during the mission: Part 1

Lego Monster Mountain Northern Thailand soccer team and Coach are found alive from the Shadows of the Cave Fish indelible image of Hope being around the globe how many people are coming... Read more »

Mother leads new lawsuit saying Juul is addicting kids to nicotine

America’s largest e-cigarette makers Under Fire this morning one state now investigating with a juul markets the teenagers after series of lawsuits accusing me of trying to hook teens Paula Faris related... Read more »

What is the YouTube experience for kids? | Short Takes

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Woman arrested after her 2 babies were found in a hot car during a heat wave

typically the deadliest month and this story is a warning do two small babies left inside This SUV at a California Walmart parking lot the children fatigue sweating and authorities say running... Read more »

Community rallies behind Thai soccer coach after rescue

we have more now on that Miracle rescue in Thailand and the coach at who led the boys into the cave system we’re learning new details about how he help keep them... Read more »

The latest on the immigration reunion deadline

the Trump Administration facing that deadline to reunite children under 5 we’ve been separated from their parents will tonight phases of some of the children today seeing their parents many children under... Read more »

Texas officer caught on video aiming gun at kids

growing Fallout after a video showing a police officer in Texas pulling his weapon on a group of children tonight the city is now responding and ears ABC’s Kayna Whitworth Paso police... Read more »

Nearly 3,000 kids separated from parents, according to Health and Human Services

the migrant families separated at the southern border the government still facing a court-ordered deadline to reunite all the children with their parents but with that deadline approaching we are now learning... Read more »

Separated kids reunited with aunt, mom still detained

two children arrive in Los Angeles clutching to Black gym bags inside is everything they own the rest they left behind in Guatemala when they set up for the US border and... Read more »

Fourth of July | Short Takes

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