Toronto shooting victim’s boyfriend returns to scene of attack

I thought my best either come here and and it just just to see the site and see if I can just start the healing process it a little bit little bit... Read more »

Demi Lovato recovering from suspected drug overdose

now the Superstar Demi Lovato recovering this morning after a suspected drug overdose in the hospital surrounded by family and friends at Celebrities and fan share their support ABC’s Lindsey Davis is... Read more »

Fire department responds to medical call at Demi Lovato’s home

developing news at this hour that is sad many fans People magazine reported the popular singer Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital after suffering a possible drug overdose Lovato has bravely... Read more »

11-year-old Thai soccer player held onto coach’s back during rescue

play it’s now on the young boys rescue from the cave in Thailand they are back home reunited with their families and our foreign correspondent James longer on site from the start... Read more »

Boys rescued from Thai cave speak out for 1st time

overseas now to a fantastic update on those 12ty boys and their soccer coach All released from the hospital this morning play me yes you been hearing from the boys for the... Read more »

Thai soccer team speaks about cave rescue

so do I bought him to say goodbye to the medical team to respond to be in the hospital that have passed that critical point so that energy and the power is... Read more »

Families of Thai soccer team meet their rescuers

Miracle rescue in Thailand this morning new video showing the families of that soccer team meeting The Rescuers who saved their sons lives as a boys were covering the hospital this morning... Read more »

Thailand cave rescue: First photos of rescued boys, dangerous mission detailed

do the first images of the soccer team together again no longer huddled on that Rocky ledge but side by side in hospital beds in some way for the cameras will Overjoyed... Read more »

Thai cave rescue: Canadian member of rescue team recounts mission to save boys and coach

and we have a special guest for you now I have talked so often and these recent days about the international nature of the rescue team that save the soccer players and... Read more »

Thai cave rescue: Officials release 1st video of rescued boys in hospital

most important thing to show you and talk about first of all is the health and condition of the boys we have just seen the very first video images of the soccer... Read more »