Dan Bongino slams Ocasio-Cortez’s plans for taxes

if people pay their fair share of corporations in the ultra-wealthy that’s two trillion dollars right there that’s an additional amount of large amount just last year we gave the military a... Read more »

Rivera: Cohen presents significant legal threat to Trump

president Trump talks about the controversial meeting at Trump Tower with Don Jr and some Russians in 2016 forward the president Trump denying it didn’t react Fox News correspondent at large he... Read more »

Charlie Kirk: Trump has restored the idea of America

call holsters and those in the media filter predict Donald Trump’s 2016 election win but now in New York Times op-ed is looking all the way to the day after the election... Read more »

Speaker Ryan: Americans are better off now

all right I finally got this from Statuary Hall in the US Capitol don’t lose the house look 2 years ago we have call the better way and then along with the... Read more »

Tomi Lahren: Truth has become the new hate speech

attorney general the United States yesterday describing life on America’s campuses he was a turning point USA High School leadership conference General comments regarding these sanctimonious snowflakes on America’s campuses are high... Read more »

Demi Lovato hospitalized after overdose scare

Demi Lovato rushed to the hospital recovering from an apparent overdose despite initial report sources telling Fox News it was not heroin although we do know she the singer was treated for... Read more »

Sebastian Gorka: Trump understands how fragile Iran is

filling a commitment made to by Kim Jong on to president Trump 6 weeks ago at their historic Summit new satellite images appear to show North Korea dismantling it’s May missile testing... Read more »

Bongino: Russia probe is biggest scam in modern US history

Department of Justice releasing more than 400 pages of the fights of Warrant application regarding Carter page so we now find out that it was indeed the unverified and fake dirty by... Read more »

Tomi Lahren slams selective outrage from the left on Russia

pressure Pro anybody I just want to have this country be safe I don’t want nuclear weapons even people thinking about it you know Russia and the United States control 90% of... Read more »

Nigel Farage on Trump’s ‘bombshell’ Brexit intervention

today we’re dumping trailer dropping military we just look at some incredible anti-terrorism things to being done here in conjunction with United States and their relationship is very very strong very good... Read more »