Fires to floods: Greece endures torrential storm after wildfires – Daily Mail

Torrential rains have devastated parts of Athens leaving cars submerged in mud and home and businesses flooded. The floods brought more chaos to areas devastated by wildfires that killed at least 82... Read more »

Incredible drone footage shows flooding across Pennsylvania – Daily Mail

Incredible drone footage shows the flooding at Hershey park and across parts of central Pennsylvania after torrential rains. Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap:... Read more »

Pennsylvania faces severe flooding following heavy rains – Daily Mail

all right now it’s pouring it’s been like this a lot all day all night 2011 when we have the tropical storm come by there I want a rescue in common and... Read more »

Flooding hits Colorado after heavy rain batters the area – Daily Mail

oh my goshRachael Marie Haber, 32, died on Wednesday after rain from the latest round of strong Colorado storms flooded the suburban Denver basement apartment she was staying in to take care... Read more »

ABC News Live: Trump-Cohen tape, EU meeting, flooding in the East

ABC News live Rikishi win New York City we appreciate you getting or spending some time with us today excuse we got a bunch of stuff to get to check this out... Read more »

Heavy rains cause flooding across central Pennsylvania – Daily Mail

I know it’s it’s been like this a lot all day all night 2011 when we have the tropical storm come by they actually water rescue, and have to rescue us because... Read more »

Drivers stranded in flash floods as severe storm hits Greece – Daily Mail

Greek officials suggested arsonists may have been to blame for the infernos as it emerged 15 fires started simultaneously in the Athens area as part of moves to ‘destabilise the country’. But... Read more »

Hundreds missing in Laos after hydroelectric dam collapses

there are fears of mass casualties in Laos after a hydroelectric Dam collapse hundreds of people are still missing in southeast part of the country now this is new video into US... Read more »

Flash floods hit central Pennsylvania

Heavy rain in Tremont, Pa., on July 23 caused severe flooding in the region as the northeast braces for more rainfall. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Read more »

Aerial footage shows villages completely submerged in southern Laos – Daily Mail

Hundreds are missing and an unknown number believed dead after a hydropower dam collapsed in the Attapeu province in southeastern Laos late on Monday, releasing five billion cubic metres of water and... Read more »