Trump gives remarks on tariffs at Illinois steel plant

start up stay up and you’ve proven to the world that you’re capable of doing this just a passionate stay as one team you have our full support we’re going to help... Read more »

Trump makes statement from White House Rose Garden

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President Trump calls press event in Rose Garden

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Trump seeks ‘level playing field’ with European Union

coming out of the White House over the years United States has been losing hundreds of billions of dollars with the European Union and we just wanted to be a Level Playing... Read more »

Trump wants a ‘fair and reciprocal trade deal’ with EU – Daily Mail

well thank you very much it’s a great honor to have President Jean-Claude juncker from the European Union he’s the man that I’ve gotten to know very well he’s a very smart... Read more »

Trump EU meeting: Live joint statements with Jean-Claude Juncker from White House Rose Garden pompeyo4 now we’re going to take you to the White House where president Trump is speaking after meeting with the European commission president let’s listen it Senator Mike crapo thank you... Read more »

Dominic Raab: Britain making plans for a ‘Brexit no deal’ – Daily Mail

European friends with striving for the very best deal we can get to the business is like at the same time we’ve made clear the view from businesses and I think thanks... Read more »

Brexit minister quizzed over EU deal ‘stockpiling’ preparations – Daily Mail

stockpiling food again I will sit this out but I think it would be wrong to describe it bike show and of course the idea that we only cat food important this... Read more »

Dominic Rabb answers question over his ‘Brexit demotion’ – Daily Mail

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Dominic Raab announces ECA will stay in place until 2020 – Daily Mail

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