Schengen was meant to open European borders. Here’s why it didn’t last.

about three decades ago these five group in diplomats meant in this tiny town called Chang in them looks on board and they agreed to this radical idea to get rid of... Read more »

“It is not too late to save Brexit” Boris Johnson delivers resignation speech

I’m very proud that we have ready the world against Russians barbaric All chemical weapons with an unprecedented to 28 countries joining together to expel 153 spies in protest of what happened... Read more »

President Trump meets Britain’s queen

President Trump met Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on July 13, as part of his first trip to Britain since he was elected president in 2016. Read more: Subscribe to... Read more »

Trump: U.S.-Britain bond is ‘highest level of special’

so I would say I’d give our relationship terms of grade the highest level of special so we start off with special I would give our relationship with the UK and now... Read more »

Trump’s news conference with May, in 3 minutes

is that really the behavior of a friend’s I didn’t criticize the Prime Minister have a lot of respect for the Prime Minister the only thing I ask of Teresa is that... Read more »

President Trump Talks Baby Blimp, Criticizes British PM In New Interview | The Last Word | MSNBC

president Trump has just giving an interview to the Rupert Murdoch own British newspaper the sun in which he has confessed that the Trump blimp really works the Trump has really made... Read more »

President Trump Trashes UK PM’s Brexit Plan & Then Meets Her For Dinner | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

I can tell you that they are now is really a fine-tuned machine people are paying money that they never paid before they’re happy to do it and the United States is... Read more »

President Trump: I’m A Very Stable Genius. European Allies: Umm, Really? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

what’s put the song back on the screen some of the sub had some of the sidebar stories were not getting to down at the bottom Boris Johnson who just resigned from... Read more »

Trump arrives in Belgium for NATO summit

where is itPresident Trump arrives to Brussels to attend the NATO summit. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Follow us: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Read more »

Trump at NATO: Tremendous progress has been made

and if we really accomplished a lot with respect to Nato four years presidents have been coming to these meetings and talked about the expense the tremendous expense for the United States... Read more »