Swedish model Natasha Crown shows off her ‘world’s biggest’ booty – Daily Mail

Natasha Crown, 24, from Gothenburg, whose aim in life is to have the biggest bum as possible, has deliberately gained four stone in order to widen her behind. Natasha has been feasting... Read more »

Thai cave rescue: Canadian member of rescue team recounts mission to save boys and coach

and we have a special guest for you now I have talked so often and these recent days about the international nature of the rescue team that save the soccer players and... Read more »

Thai cave rescue: Officials release 1st video of rescued boys in hospital

most important thing to show you and talk about first of all is the health and condition of the boys we have just seen the very first video images of the soccer... Read more »

Thailand celebrates rescue of 12 boys, coach from flooded cave

but we begin this hour in Thailand where emission that seems almost impossible has now been accomplished an international team of expert divers rescue the last five members of the boys soccer... Read more »

NHS opens nurse recruitment with ‘We Are The NHS’ campaign – Daily Mail

we are here everyday and every-night of every year from u-bahn to old age we have a party we taking we did agree apply Mega Copa local we do our items we... Read more »

Thai cave rescue : All 12 soccer boys, coach rescued from flooded Thai cave

it was not an anesthetic but he called it the same medication that he takes to help him relax when he’s actually he’s a he’s a trap shoot or or or something... Read more »

Doctors hope new AI technology will better identify brain tumors

Stephen Hibbert was a pretty healthy guy then all of a sudden has life changed on a dime just kind of sitting there reading the paper and went into a seizure who’s... Read more »