Rudy Giuliani calls Michael Cohen a liar

alright sources with knowledge of the situation tell CNN the president former lawyer Michael Cohen says he may tell Robert Mueller the president knew about that Trump Tower meeting with a possible... Read more »

Michael Cohen claims Trump knew of Trump Tower meeting

plane that goes to the truth of what the president and when he knew about an event that is Central to the special counsel Russia investigation let’s get after we have CNN... Read more »

Audio expert examines Trump-Cohen tape

we brought you the secret Trump going tape last night and now there is a debate raging about who said what and why teams Cohen and Trump disagree on a key part... Read more »

Ana Navarro: This is my shocked face that Trump lied

what is the tape prove that’s a matter of debate reasonable you could say it proves at Cohen could not be trusted by Trump but you can also say that now there’s... Read more »

Chris Cuomo condemns GOP lawmaker: Come on, man

Georgia Republican State Rep Jason Spencer is guilty of really bad judgment he got set up by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen on who is America look of scared of being as almost... Read more »

Florida man could avoid charges in fatal shooting because of ‘stand your ground’ law

Marquis Laughlin McLaughlin cook a round of the chest blood out with his partner and his five-year-old watching why you not the man to the ground who’s arguing with his girlfriend about... Read more »

Chris Cuomo on Putin invite: This is like a bad movie

I swear after the Helsinki horror show president Trump should have reversed course but he sees that as weakness so instead he’s doubling down and inviting Putin back to his house literally... Read more »

Cuomo: Trump’s tweet is admission he hates America

alright here’s my closing argument this tweet was bad for you mr. president here it is the summit with Russia was a great success nobody thinks that except with the Real Enemy... Read more »

Panelist on Russia controversy: This is like birtherism

alright what do you say let’s get after it’s time for the great debate with Ana Navarro and Steve Cortes good to have you both Steve Cortes here’s the thing he’s done... Read more »

Cuomo rips lawmaker over blaming media for Trump summit fumble

the big news today president Trump says he misspoke he messed up just one word and that’s why he got it so so wrong and Helsinki and gave an answer that was... Read more »