The National for July 20, 2018 — Bruce McArthur, Premiers Meeting, NASA Mission

on this Friday night 6 months after first laying charges against an alleged serial killer please try to bring some measure of comfort to the family of an eighth victim plus we... Read more »

Airbnb in Nova Scotia: Why the province isn’t cracking down

the old Oxbow Motel hasn’t exactly kept up with the times now has a abandoned it is perhaps the symbol of the changing tours of landscape in rural Nova Scotia but they... Read more »

Canadian director angers another community with latest play

when the power’s depicted God as a muddled old man it was at least Christian. He grew up with and Juliet in a bilingual production it wasn’t exactly foreign material but lapage... Read more »

Premiers agree to relax liquor restrictions

premiers got a chance to meet each other and it was something in the coming out party for Ontario’s new premier Doug Ford but it’s hard to say that anything concrete was... Read more »

How #MeToo is changing the way museums do exhibits

the work captures India like never before regular thing made his name with vibrant street photography in color where others use black and white he had a personal connection to the Landscapes... Read more »

NASA’s 1st mission to touch the sun

49 years to the day that man landed on the moon NASA had an update on how it will get to the son the space agency is putting the final touches on... Read more »

Canada’s Ambassador to U.S. on NAFTA talks

NAFTA talks have been on ice for weeks now and since then a lot of stuff happened between the three trading partners including tit-for-tat steel tariffs and nasty and to the G7... Read more »

Provinces differ on carbon pricing | Premiers’ League

it’s their choice right premium all my software we’re deciding to take a different avenue when it comes to the carbon tax provinces are able to address global climate change and emissions... Read more »

Free trade within Canada | Premiers’ League

we are back with the Premier League former premier of BC Christy Clark and former premier of Nova Scotia Darrell Dexter Ramirez have agreed at least at this point to start to... Read more »

The National for July 19, 2018 — Premiers Meeting, Trump, Tick Seasonal

on this Thursday night taxes tariffs and trade across Canada and across the border North Americans Auto sector attacks Washington latest Terrace care carbon plan to the test we look at what... Read more »