Philip Hammond mutters ‘stupid woman’ to Andrea Jenkyns at PMQs – Daily Mail

thank you mrs. because the house at what point it was decided that brexit means remainPhilip Hammond was seen muttering ‘stupid woman’ to Andrea Jenkyns at Prime Minister’s Questions after the pro-Brexit... Read more »

Reports that U.K nerve-agent attack suspects ID’d

there’s a report that British investigators are zeroing in on the suspects behind the nerve agent attacking England while former Russian spy store gay strip all in his daughter survived a British... Read more »

‘We hope you are not walking in the Alps’ Dr Wollaston to PM – Daily Mail

best way to make any commitments we’d like toTheresa May repeated her warning that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ – as she admitted that some of her Brexit plan... Read more »

Boris Johnson attacks Theresa May over Brexit ‘fog of self-doubt’ – Daily Mail

order personal statement mr. buddies Johnson an outstanding job over the last 2 years and I’m very proud that we have chemical weapons 1253 spies in protest of what happened and as... Read more »

It is not too late to save Brexit! Boris Johnson’s Commons plea – Daily Mail

and given that any Improvement ways this is inappropriate ways that she’s buying I will be unable to accept it the cabinet session late to save we have time in these negotiations... Read more »

Yvette Cooper questions PM on ‘baffling’ Brexit tariff plan – Daily Mail

when’s the composer going to pay the extra money are they going to pay the extra money when the goods arrive in Spain or is today or are we going to have... Read more »

“It is not too late to save Brexit” Boris Johnson delivers resignation speech

I’m very proud that we have ready the world against Russians barbaric All chemical weapons with an unprecedented to 28 countries joining together to expel 153 spies in protest of what happened... Read more »

Boris Johnson pays tribute to PM’s courage in resignation speech – Daily Mail

I’m very proud that we have rallied against Russians barbaric All chemical weapons 253 spies in protest the tools involve way back on the path to membership and wanting to join and... Read more »

National Action leader Christopher Lythgoe jailed for eight years – Daily Mail

deliberation extreme right-wing organization national action taken place agencies identify and investigate any extreme individual or group who sings bring the reign of terror to a showLabour MP Rosie Cooper was at... Read more »

Boris Johnson leaves Foreign Secretary residence – Daily Mail

are you ready to leave a message on sun are you ready for laterRebels complained that Eurosceptics had hijacked Theresa May’s premiership after a knife edge vote on whether the UK should... Read more »