Laos dam collapse: Hundreds missing after flash floods hit villages – BBC News

blouse of what is an unfolding disaster report still emerging from this landlocked country communist-run in East Asia where hydroelectric Dam still under construction has collapsed and in the process it has... Read more »

Greece wildfires: ’60 dead’ in holiday area – BBC News

at least 60 people have been killed in more than a hundred in in the worst wildfires to hit Greece in more than a decade or the five-star sit around the capitol... Read more »

US President Donald Trump arrives in the UK – BBC News

there is now they said yes we can see with his wife Melania down the steps that have been brought to Air Force One just north of where I am at regions... Read more »

Trump: Nato states to up defence spending – BBC News

4 years presidents have been coming to these meetings and talked about the expense the tremendous expense for the United States and tremendous progress has been made everyone’s agreed to substantially up... Read more »

Drake’s album Scorpion a historic success

what’s Drake’s secret we put the question to rapper and radio host oh Dario Williams to this song Down you love me I said it only partly that Mom I’m sorry but... Read more »

Thailand Cave rescue: 12 boys and their coach are out – BBC News

now we got some great news to bring you from the title we’re hearing of the children and their coach have now being rescued from that cave and now the final thing... Read more »

Monstrous iceberg seen breaking off Greenland glacier – Daily Mail

On June 22, an iceberg roughly a third of the length of Manhattan broke off of a glacier in eastern Greenland. The calving event, captured in stunning footage by a team of... Read more »

Thai Cave rescue: Nine boys and their coach will spend another night trapped – BBC News

the operation has concluded for the night so they’re going to leave the rest where they are when the Stanley others haven’t even started the journey out yet they wanted to take... Read more »

2 boys rescued from Thailand flooded cave

this is an ABC News special report Thailand rescue Race Against Time good morning I’m Dan Harris in New York alongside Paula Faris we’re breaking in to or programming to give you... Read more »

Thailand cave rescue: Boys found alive after nine days – BBC News

massive rescue effort including about a thousand Personnel including rescue teams from the United States Britain Australia Japan have been hampered by heavy rains but let’s go now too Chelsea who’s at... Read more »