Is Anti-Anxiety Medication The Next U.S. Drug Crisis? | NBC Nightly News

Christy Hough says it took just 3 weeks for her to get hooked on Xanax mother and Doctor herself she was prescribed the drug for insomnia three years ago when she decided... Read more »

President Donald Trump Touts 4.1 Percent Economic Growth | NBC Nightly News

from the Atlantic to the Pacific more evidence today of a strong economy before .1% economic growth in the second quarter the strongest Sensei 5% quarter in 2014 during the Obama Administration... Read more »

Film ‘Eighth Grade’ Offers Realistic Portrayal Of Middle School Life | NBC Nightly News

okay so grown up to be a little bit scary and weird in the film eighth-grade director Bo Burnham in-store Elsie Fisher capture those cringe-worthy moments that come with coming-of-age I think... Read more »

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 27, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

tonight explode inside is just crazy it just out of control a firefighter among those killed at so many people watch to escape breaking news and media Mega tighten the head of... Read more »

CBS Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves Accused Of Sexual Misconduct | NBC Nightly News

the New Yorker magazine dispose of article describes multiple accounts of sexual harassment stretching back decades against Les moonves the head of CVS in one of the most powerful media Moguls in... Read more »

Cohen: Special Counsel Trump Knew Of 2016 Meeting Between Son And Russian Lawyer | NBC Nightly News

for the 9th time this week the president staying silent about his former fixer on camera but not online that’s after Michael Cullen according to a knowledgeable Source asserts he’d be willing... Read more »

Russian Hackers Unsuccessfully Targeted Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill | NBC Nightly News

explosive Revelations Russian hackers targeted the Senate offices of Missouri Senator Claire mccaskill in issue she’s real against in the past I never thought I’d see the day that Russian would go... Read more »

Paul Manafort Spent $18K On Karaoke Setup In Hamptons House | All In | MSNBC

take one tonight this was supposed to be manafort week with the start of the trial Donald Trump’s former campaign chair on money laundering and tax evasion charges but the judge granted... Read more »

U.S. Election Security Suffers For Lack Of Oval Office Leadership | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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President Donald Trump Takes Victory Lap After Reports Of Strong U.S. Economy Performance | NBC News

good morning moments ago the numbers for America’s economic growth or GDP were just released and I am thrilled to announce that in the second quarter this year the United States economy... Read more »