Trump delivers remarks on the economy

Uber’s major breaking news because it’s going to be shot so the problem is all the cameras back here some of the Riders I have the pool here they couldn’t see it.... Read more »

Pompeo testifies before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

yeah yeah yeah Foreign Relations Committee will come to order another sometimes these hearings can generate a little emotional I just want to say we’ve been very generous on the committee in... Read more »

Trump makes statement from White House Rose Garden

right now you can’t hear me Jane breakdown just let us know if you don’t want your neck yes. now he’s worried about this and then we’ll go from there yeah I... Read more »

Trump meets with the President of the E.U. Commission

well thank you very much it’s a great honor to have President John Floyd younker from the European Union is man that I’ve gotten to know very well he’s a very smart... Read more »

President Trump addresses Veterans of Foreign Wars convention

and sacrifices veterans from World War 1 through Desert Storm and we are supportive of the new global war on terrorism Memorial to recognise almost 3 million Americans who have shoulder the... Read more »

Ryan holds a news conference

all right 30% better you’re in the middle stage of a Valpak right there John and I told them a New York thank you for good morning everyone in are booming economy... Read more »

Trump delivers remarks at showcase of U.S.-made products

text April other countries they send them in and take advantage of us and we can go the other way and this is the way it’s going to go make our Farmers... Read more »

Trump speaks at ‘Made in America’ Product Showcase

what’s up ladies and gentlemen. President of the United States thank you very much everybody please this is a lot of fun I just took a trip around and looked at your... Read more »

White House news briefing

lyrics okay do it to 888 I know I do okay you all set are you still driving level C I don’t know how good afternoon in the two weeks since the... Read more »

Coast Guard raises Missouri tourist boat after fatal sinking

Duke Hospital what about this what about this you are watching The Weather Channel is live in continuing coverage of the lifting I deduct the pieces the boat that sank last Thursday... Read more »