Watch blood moon full lunar eclipse LIVE

The moon will glide into Earth’s shadow Friday in what will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The eclipse will stretch from South America to New Zealand on Friday and... Read more »

Australia: Reclaiming the Rock – BBC News

it’s considered one of the great natural wonders of the world it is a deeply sacred place for Australian indigenous a new people one of the oldest civilizations on Earth lularoe also... Read more »

Motorcyclist filmed doing a wheelie through a red light – Daily Mail

The video, filmed in Seven Hills in Sydney’s west, captured the masked motorcyclist performing a wheelie on a Kawasaki trail bike while weaving in and out of traffic and through a red... Read more »

Bachelor Matty J and Laura Byrne enjoy a road trip to Thredbo – Daily Mail

coolest The Comedy JamFormer Bachelor Matty J and his partner Laura Byrne enjoy a road trip to Thredbo in clips posted to Laura’s Instagram. Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily... Read more »

1,300-pound ‘monster’ crocodile caught after eight-year hunt

Authorities caught a more than 15-foot saltwater crocodile, one of the largest recorded, on July 9 in Australia. The hunt for this crocodile began nearly a decade ago. Subscribe to The Washington... Read more »