Schengen was meant to open European borders. Here’s why it didn’t last.

about three decades ago these five group in diplomats meant in this tiny town called Chang in them looks on board and they agreed to this radical idea to get rid of... Read more »

Trudeau insists Canada spending enough on defence as Trump declares victory at NATO

prime minister Justin Trudeau is repeating his commitment to additional military spending but he also appears this morning to be barking at the notion of doubling that spending in response to new... Read more »

Trump: ‘I believe in NATO’

yes I told people that I be very unhappy if they didn’t up their commitments very substantially because the United has been paying a tremendous amount of probably 90% of the cost... Read more »

The National for July 11, 2018 — NATO, Rescued Thai Boys, Greyhound

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Why this NATO summit will be tense

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Putin’s face is selling shirts at a German shop

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Germany avoids political crisis after Merkel agrees to tougher migration policies

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Angela Merkel under fire in Bavaria – BBC News

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