Suzanne Somers reflects on her legendary career

we were talking about going nuts about certain areas a television the other day and we were talking about Carson of course Johnny taking goose with ants on stage and then discovered you you look like and didn’t know who she was that’s me NBC in why are you here I’m here for the Dom DeLuise show I’ll go over there and park over there so I read and they said oh very nice we’re giving you a call back I said great so I go out to the receptionist I have a call back and she said that’s what I said list of Catholic school girl with my hands crossed hey little lady what are you doing here and I said I have a call back cuz now I have to go right train one credit 1973 my book on the back I had my one credit that I was in the serious one of the Thunderbirds that’s Wednesday and made my day television charge address I couldn’t afford $76 which seems like some of the money at the time and I thought oh my God he love my poetry and I’m thinking you were cuz I hadn’t seen the movie and he just loved me cuz I was so bad the number one selling book as well and he said in the meeting Laura goes I got the girl I see you on The Tonight Show all the time such a huge success story or the it girl your the Covergirl the 70s Chrissy snow was kissed her first kiss was in those six years but because another is being done over Jurassic Park sin against her or with her and against us so show with the highest demographics of all women in Primetime at that time and so I still feel right that I would defer asking for it but he never talk to me again find a Ruiner show and before John died I’m at the beauty salon and I’m having my hair shampooed and you have a phone call to thank you can you take a message to John Ritter and he says look babe I forgive you which took me a moment I took me a moment and I thought I said thanks it to appear in a dream sequence on the show he was doing you want to Joyce and I to appear in a nightmare he’s having a LED so we decided to look for a project together and then a month later he dies what’s going on with the women and he’ll like your hair and feel like feel like a lot of things and the dance doesn’t stop all those things are really fun so I hope there’s a way we can find a nice medium with that and are incredibly successful business woman you’ve created yourself in so many different ways it’s too I said I must move and I said you know where she move it’s my son my brother got one for Christmas one year it’s a life-size punching bag that has a clown face you punch it bounces back you punch it sounds like I said anytime there’s anything negative and what am I supposed to learn teaching myself using negatives at like Judo using exactly and I do what I do complement each other a lot and mean it and gratitude I wake up honestly every morning and I talked about how grateful I am for the life that I have in him and love and family and all that thank you thank you
TV legend opens up about her life to Laura and Raymond on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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