Supreme Court delivers major blow to unions

and what would have been the top story from the Supreme Court today at 5 for decision the justices ruling against public sector unions and a case of an Illinois state government employee Mark Janice to pay union fees nation whose political messages email it’s a decision that could impact millions of public sector employees just like him can you talk on this fight it takes years to get through this process and win today for you at the Supreme Court so Fantastic Four public sector workers you know such as myself in 22 different states and then the fact that they now have a choice they have a choice to make their own decisions that having something like this forced upon them such as these agency fees and dues providing for the 5-4 majority said this this procedure violates the First Amendment and cannot continue this collecting of the union fees agency fee nor any other payment to the union may be deducted from a non-members wages Norman payment unless the employer affirmatively can sense to pay take a bit I mean they went as far as to say like it’s not an odd situation that employees have to opt-in if they want to be involved in pay money to the union certain government job automatically in the union unless they figure out and figure out how to quit now it’s not going to work that way now you’re only in the union and only paying those union dues if you specifically choose to do that okay now you know the left was upset let’s start first of all the left side of the bench Justice Kagan and her two cents and this decision will have large-scale consequences public employee unions by turning the First Amendment into a sword and using it against workday economic and Regulatory policy work for you this was all about the First Amendment whether or not you can be forced to use your money to someone else’s political message the free-association and unfortunately with the forced fees that I had to pay I didn’t have that freedom of Association I was told what I had to do in order to work for the government and if I didn’t pay I didn’t have a job unions is one of the most powerful tactics in the Republican Playbook to enrich their wealthy friends at the expense of working people in fact possibly anti-union Justice make no mistake the nomination of Neil Gorsuch was first and foremost about winning the Janus case and taking rights away from workers respond to that it’s strange to say that this cases about billionaires when the plaintiff in this case is a man Mark Janice who is not a billionaire and what we’ve had in this country is a scheme where unions have been taking money from workers like Mark to enriched and we’re just saying those workers should have a choice and if they want to Union that’s great but if they don’t they should have the option not to we’re restoring fairness here unions have had an unfair Advantage where they’ve been able to take money from people who don’t want to pay it Nelson politics can do this just creates a situation where like everybody else they have to get by on money that people will give them voluntarily well I was seeing the politics that the union was conducting an in Illinois and elsewhere I was also seeing the fact that you know my money was going to positions that I just did not agree with completely and the fact that wouldn’t when I tried to counting of where my money was going it was just not available it was nebulous and yeah they gave us some some information but it was so so vague that you could almost interpret it any way you wanted to and so therefore I’m I’m thinking you know why am I supporting and why am I being forced to support something that that I just don’t agree with him and that goes to the point of not only policy but we’re also looking at the collective bargaining process itself and then the lack of transparency in that whole process well this case overturned the 40-plus year-old Supreme Court precedent has been relied on fruit for unions for four decades now so because of you guys history has been changed what was before the retirement in Allison and it’s good to see you again after it

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