Study suggests humans alone in universe

there’s no ET just you and me a new study from Oxford University whatever that is claims there is likely no intelligent life outside of Earth how about on Earth went to Whoopi Goldberg for comment get out of my vigina goes like this and there’s billions of stars in the universe than at least some should support Earth-like planets full of life and at least one of those civilization should have developed Interstellar travel yet we’ve never been visited by aliens I’m betting that then our latest scientific knowledge scientist concluded the probability that were alone in this galaxy is 99.6% that’s the same score I got it the trampoline look-alike contest oh my God oh my God oh my God that we can never really know I think that this study is very arrogant because maybe they do exist and they just don’t want to hang out with us we’re just not into you Keeping Up with the Kardashians and cheese whiz which is cheese in a can and so they’re just like we may be we don’t want them to invite us over and watch rich can complain while they eat salads in their mansion and eat canned cheese and they just don’t want to hang out with us and do those activities earthlings a pig is an Earthling a thousand EarthLink even vegetarians eat broccoli that’s an EarthLink we’re having a hot dog eating contest eating a hot dog but my point is this Craig we have a right to eat the aliens Terry alien space alien if you’re bigger tougher than that I’m sure yeah it really tasty there like a carb about every creature on earth so that the fighter jets following that object at one time so I was thinking and then the Pentagon for like 30 million dollars in a fun to check out UFOs see if they’re out there I’m on the fence but I was in Colorado I did I saw a lot of stuff so I’m in imagine if you discover an alien and it tastes like a carb but has the consequences of a protein so it’s like imagine pasta that taste like a Cinnabon even if it looks like a bunny it doesn’t matter cuz we eat bunnies here I’m not getting after that with you I’m not going to eat it I saw Star Trek if it’s green and looks good you know we might invent something new before I probably eat it I mean it’s better than you know what wrestling woman so I think obviously they’ve been here clean up their mess and got the hell out of Dodge so they they left I think they flew into me like they’re eating each other let’s go and they left they left the pyramids behind left a bunch of stuff some of us look a little different than others show me no no misogynist he always goes to vacation but there’s never a photo pictures he’s married but we’ve never met her worst bad Misfits hate Maroon 5 okay okay thank you thank you thank you alright so nobody cares I don’t believe there’s any aliens anywhere we would have seen it by now right right doesn’t matter does it Bruce Lee space aliens are no matter what it’s always going to be about food and resources tiny like little bugs don’t
New research from Oxford University claims there’s likely no intelligent life outside of Earth.

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