Strzok subpoenaed, public hearing set for July 10th

20th now is Florida Congressman Matt gaetz American conservative Union chairman match civil rights and criminal defense attorneys David showing underlying all of this and the reason we’re here is because we’re finally getting the opportunity to see some of the documents some of the text messages some of the emails and yet here we are in the middle of the summer we still do we have all those requested documents from the doj and the FBI makes you guys think that is going to tell you anything and not claim V it’s not the answers he gives it’s the one doesn’t that seem to interest me the most I’m particularly interested in Peters trucks interactions with Robert Mueller after molar found out about these text messages and I think we’ll learn a lot about the lack of curiosity that molar had in determining whether or not the bias of Peter yo actually manifested in the official actions of the investigation now Peter struck at one point was America’s top spycatcher so don’t expect him to crawl into the fetal position and begin weeping know he will have his side of the story largely he was dishonest and in very opaque and his answers in his closed-door session stand up for the president and for the party at large or just kind of Live and Let Live I think we’ve really had a failure to understand republicans in Congress have had a failure to understand that oversight is one of the most critic thing that they have to do constitutionally they have the power of the purse they found these agencies it’s their job to make sure the money is being spent well we have seen with the abuses that the FBI make none of us happy because all of this respect the FBI we need the FBI but it’s because respect the FBI room we see this type of wrongdoing we have to stand up and say enough for the citizens were not empowered to do much it’s Congress that’s in power to do what needs to be done and I’ll tell you the republicans in Congress is a real moment for them they have to demonstrate to the country this had nothing to do with our national security in Russia it has everything to do with never trumper’s embedded at the top spots of the FBI in trying to impact that election saying they will stop Donald Trump if that is not enough republicans in Congress to say that they will take all the appropriate steps to end it they’ve been shown you know the system better than anyone alright you say that when struck testified behind closed doors there should have been some preconditions what were they absolutely first of all we know from the Inspector General don’t have a whole set of struck or Pages emails we should have all of those Congress must demand that they be produced Judicial Watch a is on to those kinds of things but it’s not again it’s not just struck remember what we didn’t see and that Inspector General report was anyone had any point ever telling struck or his colleagues that their conduct was inappropriate but I really want to see them get to is this meeting that structural the idea about that he had with Paige and with Andrew McCabe in McCabe’s office during which the agenda up with stop Trump McCain denies it or he doesn’t recall it I want to get to the bottom of that everybody’s got an Asia get to the bottom of it remember boasting that struck is dying to testify openly at Congress that he will testify that he’s an unfair victim here one thing we know for sure is that there is no good answer to the emails that struck Road he’s going to have to eat those and sets the agenda and remember that infected the whole process you know the IG found he can’t determine whether a bias infected the prosecutorial decision but remember the prosecutor is only as good as the investigator he or she makes his or her decisions are go to prosecute based on the body of investigative materials are given so people like struck deciding what to go after what not to go after Etc Jim Jordan and Ron DeSantis and and most of the time what can we expect call to my friend match laugh I would I would Point into the comments of Rod Rosenstein on May 1st when he said that Congress has no constitutional role for oversight that’s what we’re fighting against and frankly it shows how important it is for the small group of us who’ve been really pounding the facts on this issue to get support from our leadership you know how the Democrats will do oversight Judge Jeanine the damn documents will be there at 10 or your impeachment begins at 10:01 that’s what we ought to do we are Adam and the documents are we going to begin impeachment proceedings this is what the viewers and what the American the next 30 minutes next 30 days if the leadership doesn’t let you do it then you can’t do it at my right or wrong Congress for about 18 months Judge Jeanine and entirely figured out this place yet but I know that nothing happens unless the leadership wanted to happen I am proud of you determine Bob goodlatte for accelerating the schedule I think we’re going to have giving public testimony very soon and I’m encouraged by that but from the speaker’s office on down we need more support those of us who need the documents to open hearings of the American people to do happen I don’t think someone’s permission ask for a document contempt and they can start impeachment proceedings but the key is this which is the end of the day judge it’s a political question and the American people are watching it at these Congressman including Republicans don’t take these aggressive steps they’re going to throw people out of office and there’s a leadership race for the house for the to be the next speaker on the Republican side hopefully we hold on to that majority I think I think these types of decisions will impact that raise and finally the toj is going to have to prosecute they don’t prosecute anything it seems we may have said something like that you know I’m more interested in finding out the truth making a present for this you are the upper echelon of a chief law enforcement agency there’s a huge blemish on the FBI it also affects the prosecutor’s let me tell you this judge this is one of the worst cases in the FBI but I have the worst case of FBI corruption in the eastern district New York and you know where the prosecutor was in that case Andrew Weissman culture here it shouldn’t be a left or right issue the American people that was the American people should demand transparency consequence if we exposes information listen the judge of the fisa court judge Collier told Congress that they should ask the justice department for the Pfizer application documents now look I think the Judge also should supervisory capacity given the wrong with those applications the misleading and the emissions so much here whether or not Trump is is acted upon and Jeff sessions isn’t going to do it so is there Justice Congressman gates in this in the end I don’t think there will be of Jeff sessions Remains the attorney general and it is a demanded a special prosecutor and Jeff sessions has proven to be a very captive to the Deep state Last Words match lap I actually think the American people are appalled at this and I actually think there are thousands of prosecutors at doj and I think they’re going to demand that something be done if nobody is sitting in jail after this all happen there’s going to political Revolt like we haven’t seen for a long time to convince Jeff sessions to political will you go in there and put together a grand jury is Crisis with Congress and contempt Rod Rosenstein has to be removed he’s running the Mueller investigation we know how broad that is going to help and he got cute with Jim Jordan the other day when he was asked who told struck he couldn’t answer these questions thousand employees I don’t know he’s just one that’s nonsense the focus is on struck and the FBI director and everyone else all to be mortified and what they’ve been uncovered now great great segment
Anti-Trump FBI agent subpoenaed to publicly testify. Panel sounds off on ‘Hannity’, guest hosted by Judge Jeanine Pirro.

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